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What is CKE18?

As of 2017 there are over 6.5 million women living in Tokyo. Many girls dream of being famous; singing and dancing in a Japanese girls group, acting, or modeling. Thousands reach for the stars each year but only a few make it to the top. Most drop out. Some become adult talent. There's another avenue though for girls who don't make the cut, but who are afraid of doing "porn." It's the small "grey zone" video industry between Idol and Adult where the cutest Japanese girls explore the extremes of tease. They are called "Chakuero Idols" and they have many Otaku fans in Japan. Now these girls are coming to the outside world!

~Welcome to CKE(ChaKuEro)18!

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With your support let's make them CKE18 IDOLS!

Join us BEHIND THE SCENES as we shoot new
wild and daring situations each week!

EXCLUSIVE videos, prizes, photos, blogs and
more straight from Tokyo to YOU!

Enjoy The Most Extreme Japanese Tease Every Day! >>>

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Freeones - Rated: 85/100

"I'm a pretty big Japanese porn fan and CKE18.com is an amazing little website devoted to the youngest looking Japanese idols around. Seriously, I don't think its possible to find younger looking idols than this that are legal. Chakuero is gravure where the girl is closest to naked as humanly possible. For instance, you will see girls fully nude except for the thinnest layer of slime or a pulled up micro thing. They masturbate too, with toy penetration even! Also, you can win the girl's panties, toys, props and more by entering contests on the site. Wow. I want in on that! You have good chances too!"

Adult Site Ranking

Adult Site Ranking - Ranked #1 Japanese Site, 81/100

"CKE18 is much more erotic and sensual than any hardcore sites. They say it's the most extreme Japanese TEASE. Young and pretty Japanese girls show their the most sensual pose in the sexiest outfits and they make your mind in a flutter. This website update the content daily and the archive grows fast." "The real hot is not showing everything. It makes me really horny rather than watching a hardcore porn movie." ~ Member Quote.

Rabbits Reviews

Rabbits Reviews - Rated: 75/100

"I have been a member of CKE18 for several months, and have been extremely happy with the site. It is likely the best Japanese teen site around, as they have real content directly from Tokyo." ~ Member Quote. "CKE18 is tease porn, but probably not like you have seen elsewhere. They call their material the 'most extreme Japanese tease.' Some of these scenes take it further - pulling their panties into camel toes and even using whip cream, camera angles, a string of beads and some sort of jelly/goo to hide their full pussy lips and nipples."

Adult Reviews

Adult Reviews - Rated: 85/100

"CKE18 stars Chakuero idols, which are just gravure babes who tread even closer to the fine line between bikini model and porn star in Japan. Specifically, a Chakuero girl teases by being almost naked but never being totally naked - topless is okay though, wearing see-through bikini tops, etc. This site takes that concept to its absolute most intense end in the promised streaming HD videos and high resolution photos. With other fun features and giveaways, the site is really something different and is very well run."

Porn Inspector

Porn Inspector - Rated: 4/5

"Such sweet faces and petite bodies, and so much allure wrapped up all the way around. They're legal in age and beyond their years in passion. CKE18.com shows the beauty of barely legal teens of the Orient, ready to share the naughty ways they have of blooming into womanhood. It’s promised content will be delightful to the eye, along with updates ranging from daily for videos, to monthly for a new girl for turning you on with."

The Best Porn

The Best Porn - Nominated for Review

"We are happy to annouce we've been nominated for a review at The Best Porn! That means someone out there likes us. Arigato friends and fans! Find out if our lovely Japanese girls blow their pants off on September 3rd, 2013! We have no doubt they will do just that!"