Brace yourself! It’s time to believe... The best tease is JAPANESE!
CKE18! is the #1 site for the most extreme Japanese teasing and softcore Teens!
“CKE” stands for "Chakuero.” Chaku = "wearing" and Ero = "erotic."
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Chakuero style is very specific.
We concentrate on capturing every micro detail about the girl. Her innocent smiling face to sexy climax face. From fan service jumping in school uniforms to responsive body reactions while playing with toys.
Every moment she challenges her limits, trying things she never thought possible before; stimulation she never experienced; excitement she never found anywhere else; fantasies too embarrassed to admit she's dreamed about. Now she has a reason to do the things she never could before, caught on video!
T-fronts, t-backs, a 5mm (0.196 inch) thong stretched between her legs until a wet spot shows through. It's obvious she wants more, but pretends she doesn't. Can you imagine!? It's crazy!
A chakuero Idol's mission is to make her clothing as tiny, tight, and revealing as possible without being fully nude. It's the ultimate tease that gets her super aroused until her body convulses into ecstasy and her panties explode with joy!!!
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Other websites buy bulk videos from strangers. That's old and BORING. CKE18 is authentic! Only fresh media shot by our own close knit group of Japanese professionals.
Not only great photos and streaming videos…Feel a real connection! Unique because members can get involved in our productions as they happen.
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CKE18 members are our biggest supporters and feel like real investors. Together it's our mission to make sure every cute Idol in Japan meets the challenge, makes the smallest t-front possible, and experiences pleasure beyond her wildest dreams! Gambarou!!! Let's do our best!
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Rabbits Asian Reviews
Rabbits Reviews

"Some of these scenes take it further - pulling their panties into camel toes and even using whip cream, camera angles, a string of beads and some sort of jelly/goo to hide their full pussy lips and nipples..."
Rabbits Asian Reviews
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"This site features lovely Japanese teens, fully legal, described as Chakuero teens....they tease and seduce you with their lovely young bodies..."
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"Girls pose in bikinis and are groped and masturbated beneath their clothes. They pose for closeups of all kinds with nothing but the tiny thongs to hide their private parts!"