Rating: 7/10
White Wedgie

It’s usually not a fun thing to have your underwear stuck up your butt, but the second Rin saw this outfit you could tell she was looking forward to it! Besides the wedgie factor, many Japanese girls are nervous about white colored panties. Hentai love juice is so easy to spot or what if they’re ruined from a yellow PEE stain!? Ohhh no! Of course Rin never worries, it’s her mission!

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3 Replies to “White Wedgie”

  1. You and that beautiful white wedgie were wonderful, it made my heart race. I had to stop and take a breath, and slow down. It’s angels like you are the reason I’m a loyal fan of this site. Keep the pictures coming.

    Your Devoted Admirer


  2. I just want to thank you again for those beautiful photos. You are quite beautiful. I sincerely hope we can correspond some day. I just want to know more about you, your future, do you have a boyfriend ? I know you have a life outside of modeling. I really hope it’s a good one.
    Very Respectfully

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