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Rating: 5/10
Fitness Fun
It's a fact: Alice has a background as a ballet dancer and you could tell it by how comfortable she was in this cotton leotard! When she started making sexy poses though, you could tell it was making her extra excited. She would never move like this in her ballet class! Of course that doesn't mean she never fantasized about it. While we were shooting, she admitted that some ballet moves and exercises do make her a little wet... but did she mean sweat?! What a tease. As she moved around, stretched her body, and showed off her angles, Alice became hotter and hotter. Her chakuero ballet fantasy was coming true right in front of our eyes. Apparently we had stumbled on to some female fetish that we didn't even know existed! Do you think Alice liked the leotard a little too much?
Poke and Suck The theme of this set was "I'll tease you because you teased me!". I started off by tickling Alice's thighs while she la
Bubble Bikini Top This video was really difficult for Alice because she had so many things to remember. She slipped on the slick floor whe
Hot Pink Slimy Thong Alice seemed a little nervous when she put on this thong, but I guess that should be expected from a cutie Japanese girl

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