What the heck is this Blog about?

Glad you’ve been wondering! 🙂

However, *ahem*, before we get to that… In the meantime…


There really isn’t anything silly going on here. We promise!

PLEASE stay tuned for a very wordy, unnecessarily long, and OFFICIAL statement pertaining to what it is we indulge ourselves in when not floating amongst a sea of used thongs, panties, video footage of naked unicorns, Polaroids of sopping wet cleavage, sex toys, Aqua Net, sushi, pizza, half-eaten Bento Boxes, chibi, anime DVDs, manga, general hentai silliness, and… of course, Japanese Teen models (our CKE18 Idols)! See you soon *wink wink, nudge, nudge*!

In other words…



Wait… I’m still here! Someone let me out of this thing! Hmmm…


Well, since I won’t be going anywhere (for a while? ever?), I guess I have some time to tell you what the blog is really about.

The Official WTF is This Blog About!

To sum it up: A collection of stories and Japan-related news filtered through the curious mind of an adult otaku.

There’s more to Japan other than the gorgeous girls we’re hopelessly devoted to. For the times when I, Tanuki, am left to my own devices, I venture out (but not too far) from the sexy world of Japanese erotic tease and sift through the interwebz for Japan-related news — news that piques my otaku interests, and maybe even yours, too. Featured articles range from stuff like classic (and current gaming), strange foods, sensational pop-culture stories, perverted/hentai happenings, movies and animation. There’s definitely a heaping dose of nostalgia present, too. Also, we don’t forget to give our CKE18 girls a little spotlight time, so we will occasionally release some high-res images from the vaults that you can use as FREE WALLPAPER.

But I Came To See Girls!

Sheesh! Calm down, for a second! Alright, alright, alright!

For those horny otaku out there wanting to dive head-first into our world of chakuero tease, head over to the CKE18 TOUR & MEMBER PAGE.

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