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Meeting a Real-Life Anime Character at Tokyo SKYTREE :: Anastisya Shpagina!

Have you ever dabbled in cosplay, gone to an Anime Convention or Otakon? Did you ever wish you could dive through your t.v./computer screen and become your favorite video game hero/heroine or villain? How far would you go (and for how long) to be a living, breathing, walking, talking Manga character? Check out this Ukranian girl who has done just that.


CLICK TO WATCH: A clip from Ana’s incredible Flower Fairy Makeup Tutorial! (source: youtube)

Anastasiya Shpagina has embraced such an identity which can easily be described as a melding of the worlds of anime and reality. Using her tremendous makeup skills, she transforms herself into the mirror-image of many pop-culture characters (like Hatsune Miku, for example). Her popularity exploded just over a year ago (May 2012) with a captivating Flower Fairy Make-up Tutorial on YT. Did you see it? If not, you’re missing out!

It is reported that she spends two hours every day in front of the mirror preparing her look of choice (source). Her magic wands come in the form of various makeup brushes, mascara, eyelash extensions, wigs and probably a few secrets we may never know. Does she have a secret portal to the Moon Kingdom hidden in her closet?


CLICK TO WATCH: Ana-chan meeting with an ecstatic fan at Tokyo SKYTREE. (source: youtube)

As you can imagine, whenever Ana-chan is out in public, she turns heads and piques the curiosity of almost everyone in sight. On her second trip to Tokyo, schoolgirls flocked to Ana-chan while she was browsing the gift shop at the Tokyo SKYTREE. Hey, is that a SKYTREE PEN souvenir I see her purchasing towards the end? ^_^

Anyway, I love how excited that one schoolgirl becomes after asking permission to shake Ana-chan’s hand, then receives a warm hug to boot. What a surprise for her fan! It’s like we’re seeing a timid little flower coming out into the sunlight with the help of Ana-chan’s loving support. Awwww. Now, I wonder what those giddy fellas in the back—snapping their cameras and taking video—intend to do on their …*ahem* …personal time with those photos, hmmmmmm? Tanuki’s trusty snout detects excessive concentrations of male pheromone in the immediate area.

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