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Published on June 14th, 2014 | by Tanuki


Anime Girl Crushes :: Casca from Berserk!


Lady Steel! Casca rushing in for the attack!

It may be embarrassing–for some–to admit they’ve had a secret crush on a girl, much more an anime/manga girl, but hey, it happens. We all have our certain tastes, or rather, what it is that we find alluring of a particular girl: be it looks, charm, attitude, wit. Today, we’ll have a glimpse at one of my all-time, biggest anime crushes: Casca from the dark fantasy Berserk by Kentaro Miura. Please share your favorite anime babe crush in the comments section 😀

My Crush: Casca from Berserk!

Who is my crush?

Casca: mercenary, strong, loyal, skilled fighter, only female member of The Band of the Hawk, gorgeous anime babe!

When did I first see her?

Quick back-story first. I first saw the original Berserk anime around 2007. I decided to finally took the plunge after several months of procrastinating and making up silly excuses to my friend–the one who recommended I watch it–that I was having technical difficulties with my DVD player. The truth was, at that point, I wasn’t much of an anime (or manga) fan. Stupid me, I had no idea what I was missing.

Anyway, once I got around to watching Berserk, it took only a few episodes before I was completely hooked. The dark, unforgiving characters and uneasy atmosphere of the world was truly disturbing. Perfect!


A graphic depiction from the manga: Casca and Guts making hot anime love together!

Following the main protagonist Guts, it wasn’t long before we are introduced to Griffith’s The Band of the Hawk and, of course, Casca. Their first meeting is far from stellar, but from that moment on, Casca’s exotic features (tan skin) and dark eyes gave me tingles. I didn’t want to admit it, but felt a crush coming on. Oh, I’d be remiss to leave out that the shiny bling of Casca’s armor and sword played a big factor in my initial attraction. I like a lady who packs weapons!

Why did I develop a crush on Casca?

At first, Casca came off as a very fiery, angry, overly protective pain in the you-know-what. [Note: I’ll be avoiding major spoilers on the chance that any readers haven’t read the manga or seen the anime]. Anyway, to be blunt: Casca hates Guts’… guts! Why? Well, Guts is a newcomer, so that requires he put in the hard time and earn Casca’s respect. She’s no pushover, ya know! Not only is she constantly suspicious of Guts’ loyalty to the group, it’s also Griffith’s mysterious obsession with him that has her completely dumbfounded.

Casca will take every opportunity to call Guts out for breaking team protocol–like when he improvises battle tactics while on mercenary missions. During these early stages of the story arc, Casca is as much of a thorn in Guts’ side as she is ours.


A softer, less aggressive moment between Guts and Casca from the new Berserk (2014).

Casca’s abrasiveness aside, I found myself warming up to her with each passing episode. As a viewer, I began to feel as if I were a member of The Band of the Hawk, sharing their hardships and victories. I thought, “Casca may be a stickler, but she’s someone I’d want to have my back.”

One of the finer, attractive qualities, is her loyalty to Griffith and The Band of the Hawk. She would gladly lay her life on the line for him if he were to ask. In addition to that, she is a headstrong lieutenant, respected by her soldiers, and a skilled warrior on the field of battle.

Was there a key moment in Berserk that confirmed your crush?

TLDR: The waterfall scene where Casca and Guts make love! Ooooooh! [Spoilers incoming: watch the scene at your own risk!]


Casca attacks Guts in a fit of rage. What happens next is incredible!

Yes! It was the complex scene that played out between Guts and Casca when he returns from his soul-searching hiatus.

During this moment, Casca loses it and attacks Guts for having abandoned the now fractured Band of the Hawk, thus causing a slew of terrible events as a result. Guts quickly realizes there’s something wrong, so he defends himself, hoping Casca will explain herself.

The current state of things is too much for her to accept (oh she has no idea yet, though *wink*). Anyone who likes her character in the slightest can certainly feel  sympathy for all that’s happened during Guts’ absence.

Things come to a head when Casca makes her way to a grassy ledge not far from where she’d been flailing her sword at Guts. With her will broken, she simply gives up and leans backward off the ledge to commit suicide.

Guts dashes forth and narrowly saves Casca from an almost fatal decision. The thought of Casca dying, had guts not lunged to grab her in time, made my a tiny hole in my heart. This was the first time I ever felt that way about an anime character. My crush was certain.

Some thoughts…

Like many Berserk fans, I think we live vicariously through Guts, feeling the wealth of pain, frustration and rage with which he is forced to deal. Naturally, as his close relationships develop with other supporting characters (i.e. the good, non-evil ones), we can’t help but connect with them in the same way.

The Band of the Hawk: (from L to R) Rickert, Griffith, Guts, Casca, Pippin, Corkus, Judeau.

Berserk has a TON of intense drama, so most of the time you feel on edge… uneasy… claustrophobic… anxious even. There’s so many sinister–sinister is an understatement–things that happen throughout the series, you end up trying to prepare yourself at the start of each new episode. But even so, that’s not enough. The excellent writing makes events very hard to predict, which in turn keeps you glued and invested. The night Casca and Guts mutually surrender themselves to bond and make love was, for me, quite emotional to see unfold. Some may argue this scene is corny or mushy, but I say “hogwash!”! I perceived it as a moment of tenderness and light, in an otherwise dark and grim world, where our two most important characters can finally have some peace.

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