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Published on March 16th, 2014 | by Tanuki


How To Beat Super Mario World 3D w/ Friends :: Backloggery Video!

Dust off the VCR, clean the heads, and adjust the tracking, it’s time to dig into the old collection of tapes from my youth. Ah ha, here’s one video I don’t remember! Not surprising, since it’s been 25 years since I last pulled the banged up cardboard box from the attic. In faded blue sharpie it reads: “How To Beat Super Mario 3D World”. Funny, *scratching head*, did I write/read that correctly? I recall many a frustrating time spent going berserk because I’d either copied a game save code wrong, or I couldn’t decipher my “1”‘s from “I”‘s, or the “0”‘s from “O”‘s, etc.! As a kid, few things were worse then getting super far into a game–like Metroid, for example–and then have to start over again from scratch because of my having butchered the save code. Ugh!

I rubbed my eyes, read the title again, and confirmed it was, in fact, written correctly. Now the suspense was quickly ramping up. Without further ado, I popped that sucker into the VCR and grabbed myself a Hi-C Ecto Cooler from the fridge.

Actually, everything I just wrote up until now was made up (did you catch on?). Sorry to be such a clown, but check this out. I came across a video earlier today that had me convinced I’d jumped into a Delorean and taken back to 1990. My Life In Gaming has done a magnificent job producing a retro-style, tips ‘n tricks video for SMW3D. Reminiscent of the way it actually was, the video is rendered with an array of classic effects (e.g., analog sound, choppy frames, gawdy colors, 80’s-style transitions). And right there to lead you through the game, a hammy narrator that feeds you all sorts of helpful info to get you kicking Bowser’s butt like a champ.

Though the video is nowhere near the ballpark of, say, the insanity of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, the two are similar in that they both capture the cheesy essence of the eighties in their own way. For about 30 seconds, I honestly thought I was watching some rare VHS tape from an unknown game tip company (Backloggery video? Who are they?).  Of course, the dead giveaway is that SMW3D is–as of this writing–still a brand new title. Nevertheless, my mind was blown! I love it!

MLIG–though still a young channel–has plenty more how-to gaming videos of the same caliber. Plus, there are also some game reviews  that are insightful, thorough, and very entertaining. The man behind the scenes is Coury C: a game enthusiast and professional video editor hailing from Brooklyn, NY. Incredible, Coury! Best of luck with the channel.

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