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    Published on December 7th, 2012 | by cke18master


    Cat House!

    If you have never heard of a Cat House you’re either going to love or hate the idea. The cost of living in Tokyo is enormous so most people don’t have enormous sized homes. That means it’s more difficult to have pets. Voila, “Cat House’s!” While there are many varieties, a “Cat House” or “Cat Cafe” is basically a place where you can pay to play with cats. If you’re not allergic, this can actually be a very therapeutic experience. Each cat has a story and many regular visitors really bond with their feline friends. The cats are well taken care of… face time with the public is limited and they have a variety of spots to relax.



    On this occasion, we went to “Nekobukuro” in Ikebukuro. It’s a play on names, as if it were a train stop and they take it to the extreme. When you walk in the first thing you see is a full sized “Nekobukuro Train” pulling in to a painted backdrop station. AWESOME.



    If there was such a thing as “Cat Idols,” you would find them here.



    It seems like every girl in Tokyo loves cats, so if you’re a guy and you don’t care about cats, you can still go to watch cute girls get excited about cute cats!



    All in all, it was a pretty fun afternoon. The cats were entertaining, I didn’t have a bad allergic reaction, taking photos was fun, and watching girls was a bonus. If you have a chance to visit Tokyo and you make friends with a Japanese cutie, tell her you want to visit a Cat Cafe. She’ll more then likely love to take you.

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