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Chakuero Bikini Bottom Lingo for Beginners :: CKE18 University Vol. 1!

Konnichiwa! This post marks the beginning of several volumes aimed at helping our new visitors get acquainted with CKE18 and our genre of expertise: chakuero (着エロ)!

One of the most appealing aspects of this genre (besides the girls, duh) is the creative liberties taken to push the limits of adult entertainment. Case in point: since the Japanese girls are neither completely naked nor having intercourse (technically speaking), alternate methods of provocativeness must be exploited to hopefully …”get us off”.

While some may debate whether chakuero can be classified as actual porn, one cannot dispute that this style is all about sexually satisfying the viewer through extreme visual teasing. This brings to mind an essential weapon any top chakuero production must have in its arsenal: an assortment of custom bikini bottoms, thongs and other tight, crotch-cuddling contraptions.

Though only a piece of a much larger puzzle, these skimpy heroes of the nether region provide the necessary lubrication to get our knobs turning.

Chakuero Bikini Lingo

As you will see with our tease movies, we love to feature our girls wearing a lovely array of bikini bottoms and thongs. With so many different types of tantalizing undergarments out there, how can one begin to identify them all? Don’t be overwhelmed, we’re here to guide you! Here is some helpful chaku-speak to get you chewing the fat with your otaku pals like a true chaku-champion! Enjoy!

MICRO BIKINI  (マイクロ ビキニ)

We start with the most basic chakuero bikini of them all: the micro bikini. As you will notice, this style of swimsuit is sized down …way down. The low-cut, skinny V-shaped patch that barely covers her manko clearly defines this undergarment. The above screenshot features girlfriends Uta and Love and is from one of our videos which you can watch by clicking HERE (or the photo below).

Janken Girls: Uta (left, in Micro Bikini) loves to win. Watch these two exchange a sensual victory massage!

PEEKABOO (3-string version)

Peek-a-boo I see you! This sexy bikini bottom does just that: it peeks at you from between her legs, revealing a bit more flesh, taunting you to “come hither” for a closer inspection. The 3-string version, unlike its naughty 2-string sister, covers the girl’s most private spots with a thin piece of string at the V’s center. An excellent piece of teasery, especially for frontal wedgies (kuikomi) which puff-up and bulge her, smooth outer lips like fluffy marshmallows.


This one is easiest of all to spot for its, uh …beads! Arranged and strung in single-file, the beads can be any color, shiny, clear or opaque. The tiny spheres usually begin just above the girl’s clitoris (about 1 to 1 1/2 bead lengths) and continue straight between her legs, creeping close to her tiny buttonhole, but stopping short, leaving it nicely exposed. Not only do the beads hug her tightly, accentuating her creamy mounds on either side, but they can also serve as little masseuses that tickle and vibrate when a pleasure wand is held against them. Mmmm!

It came from under the frock: Machiko models a sexy beaded thong.

C-STRING   ( Cストリング)

It’s strapless! It’s seamless! How does it stay on? Well, please indulge me in a little exercise. Begin by holding your hand before you and shape it into the letter “C”. UPPERCASE, not lowercase! Now, close your eyes and imagine gently placing that empty paw under your favorite CKE18 girl’s …you get the picture. The c-string simply snuggles itself in place, crimping against the natural contours of her lithe body. Perfect for drawing attention to the outer hips along a smooth diagonal path downward to Shangri-La.

MAEBARI  (前貼り)

Not really a bikini bottom, but worthy of note for today’s lesson. A maebari can be described as a thin strip of loincloth used for covering up a girl’s private area or nipples. A boring piece of cloth can be rather bland, so some more enticing things you will see used are band-aids, flesh-toned tape (pasties) or a c-string (see above). Today, using maebari has become a staple of the chakuero lexicon.


PAIPAN (パイパン)

Ah, yes! No panty or thong is complete without a sweet, sticky honeypot to fill it. Essentially speaking, paipan refers a girl’s you-know-what, but in this case she’s been shaven completely bald. In a country where being natural downstairs is the norm, a shaved pubic area has developed into a kind of fetish. Japanese paipan girls can be found in every genre of AV (be it hardcore/softcore).

Forbidden Fruit: Go on! Click on Uri's love button ...I dare ya! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this first installment of CKE18 University and will stay tuned for many more to come. While there are several other bikini bottoms we didn’t touch upon today, are there any that you can identify our models wearing? 🙂

Now, I just have a silly question to ask: If you could be a bikini bottom, which type and who’s would you be?

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