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Published on April 8th, 2013 | by Tanuki


CKE18 Blog’s First Anniversary :: A Look Back :: Past Post Roundup!

Konnichiwa Minna-sama,

Welcome to CKE18’s Official Blog where we let loose by blogging about all sorts of Japan-related things: offbeat news, sexy Japanese girls, site announcements and fun stuff like giveaway contests ^__^. You might say we treat this little nook of digital space as our sandbox of chakuero funsies.  Oh, and there’s a good chance you’ll see some CKE18-inspired sci-fi short stories here, too  *wink*. For those of joining us for the first time, I extend my paw and warmly welcome you. Since this is our very first anniversary, we’ll take a look back at some of our popular blog postings that have caught your attention and introduce you to some that have been lurking under the radar. Begin Past Post Roundup! GO!

Who wants a mustache ride?

Title: Tanuki and the Search for the Golden Destiny
Genres: Adult Entertainment, Campy Humor, Sci-Fi, Mystery

Synopsis: Think Pom Pokko meets Magnum, P.I. wrapped inside a juicy world of chakuero fantasy. Special Agent Tanuki, a skilled, yet clumsy raccoon detective, is tasked with the covert mission of infiltrating CKE18 Headquarters and reclaiming The Golden Destiny: an ancient family heirloom granting mysterious powers to that of the wearer. Along the way, Tanuki meets some interesting characters, including scantily clad J-Bunnies Ryouko, Uri and Mikuru-chan. Can he manage to avoid succumbing to their magnetic allure and not blow his cover? *Note: this is an ongoing mini-series of short stories.

This little fella is just chillin’ in the Cat Cafe. Nyan!

Title: (Japanese) Cat House!

Genre: Non-Fiction, Japanese Culture, Animals, Cats

Synopsis: Pussycats …you gotta love ’em! With internet sensations like Nyan Cat and Moire from lowedope’s viral video,  だるまさんが転んにゃ – Stalking Cat –, felines just seem to be the magic ingredient to get millions people flocking to wherever they may be (like catnip for humans?).







Cat House is insightful look into the challenges a super-populated, tremendously cramped city like Tokyo faces when it comes to owning domestic pets. With such little room to spare, what’s an animal lover to do if owning a pet isn’t possible? One great solution: Cat Cafes! In addition to the cute, furry inhabitants, see what else makes these creative safe havens a popular place to visit.

Function and form: The genesis of CKE18 constructed in RK’s notebook.

Titles: Planning the Website and Peek-a-boo Meeting

Genres: Non-Fiction, CKE18 Site Production, Sentimental/Nostalgia 😛

Synopsis: Pull up a chair sonny and let ol’ Gramps tell ya ’bout the days of the days of high adventure when there was no digital highway. LOL! Almost a year ago, around this time, these two posts are what started it all. Before CKE18 set up shack on the interwebz, there was a pen, some paper (tons actually) and a big plan. This is a behind-the-scenes glimpse of “version zero”, being fleshed out through various design team meetings in Tokyo. So, grab yourself a Blenheim Ginger Ale and enjoy these two little anecdotes from RatKing. Oh Nostalgia!

Title: How to make SLIME!

Genres: Recipes, How To, Non-Fiction, Sticky

Synopsis: I don’t know about you, but I used to play with slime like it was going out of style; that was 20+ years ago, though. I remember, within a few weeks it would invariably fall on the rug, pick up lint or dust and all sorts of nastiness, ultimately drying into a hard, crusty sheet resembling stale puke. Game over! But I digress…

Machiko-chan: It puts the slime on its skin or it gets the hose again!

Some Japanese seem to love slime, even into adulthood, just as much as I did way back when. Interestingly, these grownups have a slightly different use for the gooey, stringy substance: IT LOOKS HAWT WHEN DRIPPED ON NEKKID JAPANESE GIRLS ^__^ ! Being a Japanese tease site and all, it’s crucial to have slime on-hand and ready at a moment’s notice. You never know when Machiko-chan might drop by and just fling her clothes off. Check out “How to make SLIME!” then indulge in some “adventurous” fun like never before.

Girls at play: Uta brings out Love-chan’s hidden lesbian tendencies <3

Title: Love’s Shooting

Genres: Non-Fiction, Site Production, Girl on Girl, CKE18 Girls

Synopsis: Karai-sensei shares with us her first-hand experience of Love-chan’s (pictured in pink bikini) “first time” with a girl. With Uta as her partner, there couldn’t have been better match to build the on-screen chemistry of two gorgeous Japanese girls at play. We always love knowing those tasty morsels of info about our models and whatever sexy happenings occurred prior to filming. Love it!

They really jump out at you, don’t you think? And by “they” I mean those gargantuan titties on the 12 year-old-looking Anime girls.

Title: Anything from the Chakuero Anime Babes Category

Genres: Anime, Big Boobs, Japanese Schoolgirls

Synopsis: While not specifically boiled down to just one post, think of these weekly updates as not only a photo diary, but a tour around Tokyo where you get to see all the larger-than-life, balloon-chested, meccha-kawaii, erotic Anime posters. Shot by RatKing himself, this is a contemporary look at whats hot in the always-popular world of chakuero anime babes! 😀

To the Future!

Pardon the cliche—but,  time really does fly. Looking back at the past year, we’ve been so busy entrenched in the arduous task of filming gorgeous Japanese models (oh the humanity) in a variety of highly suggestive situations, that we can hardly believe our first anniversary has finally arrived. Here’s a toast to you, CKE18 members and faithful blog readers. Thanks for being part of our unique community! We hope you continue to stay with us as we grow even bigger over the coming years, presenting you with the best extreme Japanese teen teases you’ll ever see.

extreme japanese amateur teen girlsCKE18 :: Extreme Japanese Teen Tease

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