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CKE18 Girls Ryouko, Uta and Uri Mysteriously Vanish! (Part 3: The Found)

light atop staircase

I hate this place!

A door into blackness…

The musty scent of rotten basement coated my nostrils, sending the crook of my arm to my face. Suppressing the rank dampness of this cave would prove temporary — and futile — since I needed both my hands to descend without falling on my head. Crossing the threshold felt like stepping into another dimension — a dimension that was even shittier than the one I’d been in.

Looking from the top of the stairs, my view was obscured by the claustrophobic side-walls that followed. Like most basements, I wouldn’t see everything until I’d made it to the bottom and turned either corner. I stretched out my arms and guided myself down, gingerly taking every precaution to make as little noise as possible. Holding my breath …

3rd step …

4th step …

5th… …

Finally! The last step onto the damp, hard cement floor was both a relief and nausea-inducing. Silent like a spelunking ninja, I felt accomplished to have reached my destination, but letting go of the walls was like having the training wheels ripped off your bike prematurely. The openness of my surroundings as my hands craved familiarity was …rather disorienting.

lightbulbDown there, it was almost completely pitch black. There was a supernatural thickness to it — almost as if I’d submerged myself into a swamp of molasses during the dead of night. There was, however, off in the remote part of the room, one single, swinging light  — about 50 feet away. Its mysterious swaying reminded me of a pendulum, carving through the blackness like a knife, only to reveal brief snippets of its muted surroundings. What caused it to move? A draft? Was someone already down there? I approximated that the raucous thuds I’d heard were coming from about where the light was. My mind was beginning to get carried away as I conjured up hellish images of what could be lurking around. I could feel the fight-or-flight response creeping in my gut.

I didn’t want to go any further. I didn’t care why the thuds were happening. I didn’t care if a joke was being played on me. Screw this! I wanted out! I made a split-second decision to pull a U-turn and drag my chicken ass up the stairs. Reaching for the sidewalls, I raced up the steps, skipping as many as I could. Another loud thud resonated deep from the basement as I was about to ascend back into the 1st floor. “F**k You, “THUD” or whatever you are!” I shouted. Like a bullet train barreling down the tracks, I was halted when the basement door slammed violently face. WHAM!!!

I pushed, pounded and punched on the heavy door with adrenaline firing through my veins, but it didn’t make a damn bit of difference. Now completely surrounded in darkness, save for the crack of dim light coming from under the basement door, I stood quietly collecting my thoughts with my chest heaving and knuckles throbbing in pain. I detected movement from the meeting room. It was impossible to make out what is was, but it seemed to be moving away from me. My ears detected no footsteps, just a receding shadow that disappeared to another part of the 1st floor. Whoever it was, they were responsible for locking me in this shit pit. I vowed that as soon as I got the heck out of the cave, I’d dole out some serious ass-kicking to the perpetrator.

A familiar chirping sound erupted from my pants. It was cellphone ringing. Ryouko-chan was calling! I cursed to myself in shock: “What in the hell is?!?!”. I was honestly elated to see her name on the caller i.d. and hoped she would arrive soon and let my poor self out. An image then burst open in my mind: I recalled the display of three pairs of girls’ shoes in the genkan that had me puzzled earlier.

Wasting no more time, I flipped open my phone. “Ryouko-chan! … Hello! … Hey, Ryouko-chan!!! If that’s you, LET ME OUT OF HERE! I’m in the basement!” Damnit! … … … That unnerving sound again! It was like listening to a naked foot repeatedly stomping into a pile of wet cow manure. I pulled the cellphone away from my ear in disgust to find that I actually failed answer the call.

Oh the confusion!

That sound was still there … growing louder … getting closer! Then …


Not again! Enough already! I stamped my foot twice with anger — … bam … bam — with intention to insult the origin of that damned clunking. I was about ready pull my hair out from all this mysterious taunting, but then I discerned what looked like the silhouette of two globular masses at the bottom of the staircase. There was no mistaking that the double thud I’d mocked was the product of these two objects colliding with hard wood.

There was utter sh*t for light to help me check out these odd lumps aside from the ooooh-ahhhhh glow of my phone’s screen. Finding out what the hell these things were was all that mattered, second to escaping this dumpster. I swiped my jittery finger across the setting and switched the brightness to MAXIMUM. Shining it down at the lumpy mess, yielded what looked like two Mogwai eggs: roly-poly, and awfully furry. On any other occasion I’d find these melon-shaped fuzzballs adorable, but not today.

Scanning around in a circular motion with my phone-torch, those two furry fuckers left a wet trail around them, like slippery snails sliming a trail to wherever it is those tiny pukes go. It was like they were alive. Breathing! The grotesque sound that plagued my mind seemed to be emitting from them. I stepped a bit closer, until the ambient light from my phone made things sharper. The forms before me were layered in black tresses … matted … wrapped like an unwoven spool of raven-colored thread. No chance in hell I’d be touching any of them with my hand, so I leaned back, anchoring myself against the steps and nudged the strange mounds with the edge of my right sneaker.

Examining both exteriors with my foot, the dark fur gave way to reveal something smooth and pallid lying underneath. Were these two some kind of strange breed of underground animals? They didn’t seem to be moving, but that wretched sound was still being made; now I realized it wasn’t coming from them. So how did they get there? I moved my phone closer and poked at them again. This time they moved … rolled away from me and … … …


… Huh?

… No!

This couldn’t be!

I knew exactly what these two shaggy bumps were and it struck me with sheer terror to actually be confronted with such an encounter. Nothing could have prepared me for this. Nothing! The underside of these strange animals were very familiar — so familiar that I could name exactly what they were To the left was the blood-soaked, severed head Uta, and on the right, Uri-chan’s in the very same condition. Their stark-white faces were completely void of life. Several gashes, bruises and (bite-marks?) across their cheeks and forehead suggested a brutal conflict. My heart was beyond crushed to see such beautiful girls like this. They were undeserved of such a fate. It was beyond unconscionable!

The ground shot right out from under me and I felt like I was in a nightmare from which I couldn’t awaken. I was paralyzed by the sting of fear, but my mind was racing; it quickly understood that whatever had ravaged these gorgeous human beings would be coming for me. It was that unmistakable sound that had haunted me … wanted me … tricked me. It was getting closer. I would meet it utterly helpless with no where to go. Clenching down like a vice on my teeth, I shut my eyes … bracing for the end, hoping it would be painless.

heavenly lightA quick blast of air sucked at me from behind jolting me out of my catatonic state. Piercing light immediately rushed in from behind, bathing the girls’ poor, forsaken heads as if to finally welcome them to heaven without prejudice. My eyes fought to adjust for several seconds, but I all I could do was shade them with my arm. Then, the silhouette of a lanky figure lurched from out of the basement’s darkness, breaking the flow of light from above. It was the “thing” that had brought me here with its thudding, no less. I couldn’t bare to look at it. Blood mixed with clear-looking saliva dribbled in long, syrupy strands hitting the floor like droplets of wet paint.

This “thing”, merely 5-feet in front of me, was pure evil: the chortle of labored breathing and a painful moan that I couldn’t make out to be male or female. I could feel its eyes all over me, wanting its next meal to be brains. It took every piece of whatever willpower I had remaining to tell myself, “RUN!” There would be no second chances. I had to escape with my life, get help and worry about the details later. I wasn’t some fearless hero like John McClane, John Matrix or John Rambo. This was for real and I was hauling ass straight out of there at once. “Make this count, you son of a bitch!”

freedom-braveheartI turned myself 180-degrees and bit hard into my lip. I imagined myself a rocket being aimed at the sun. 3-2-1-BOOM! I launched myself like Carl Lewis coming off the line. Up the staircase in slow-motion and fast-forward combined, I couldn’t even feel my feet hit a step. There was no sound: I was deaf to the world around me, my legs on fire. They kept me moving fast. No stopping me now! I’ve got this!

I made it to the meeting room. Success! I can’t believe it. Now, just hook the corner, out the front door and onward to freedom!




The last few things I remember before being knocked to the floor unconscious, was the image of RatKing sitting on “Mikuru’s couch” with a big grin on his face as if everything was fine and dandy. He looked like he was about to shout something at me. I was undoubtedly caught off guard in my scampering for help, then boffed in the face with a pillow or stuffed animal of some sort. The culprit(s), however, remain to be identified. Yet, from the sounds of things, it was two distinct laughs coming from girls I knew. Finally a coarse hacking overpowered the girls’ laughter and a third voice shouted, “Surprise, Tanuki-sama!”

Ah, well. I suppose this was one of RatKing’s orchestrated pranks that he’d been cooking up for a long time. Uri, Uta and Ryouko-chan hadn’t gone missing; they were there all along, playing their respective roles. Brutal ladies … brutal! I didn’t think they had it in them to be so vicious. I’d clearly taken for granted the kawaii, sweet and innocent image they ooze in their incredible scenes. Let that be a warning (making note). I suppose I have a rather embarrassing secret to share with you all: the only thing that went “missing” in this whole ordeal was the contents of my bladder. Must invest in some Huggies from now on.

The End (…or is it?)


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