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Published on November 3rd, 2013 | by Tanuki


CKE18 Girls Ryouko, Uta and Uri Mysteriously Vanish! (Part 2: The Basement)

The story of the building’s history came to mind as I proceeded quietly toward the basement door…

scary-basementA couple years ago, RatKing had told me of how, in the mid-1980’s, a secret sorority of depraved college girls would carry out weird “sex challenges” down in the cellar. At that time, CKE18 Headquarters was a commercial cleaning business. The owner’s daughter was in the sorority and, as an offering to the club, she’d made a copy of the basement key so they could hold their private meetings undisturbed. There was plenty of junk and boxy clutter about the musty place, so it was a perfect place to keep out of site and make plenty of noise without being heard. All the fun and games ceased one fateful night.

RatKing revealed that one of the sorority’s pledges, Mayu-chan, had died when she’d gotten to carried away during her final initiation challenge. I thought he was bullshitting me, so I called his bluff. He then pulled out a copy of this poor girl’s obituary in the Tokyo Shimbun, which declared her cause of death as suicide by self-electrocution. In rather poor taste, I chuckled at RatKing saying, “Wow, what a shocker!” Not amused by my comic relief, he continued on as if to reveal something more crucial and pressing about the basement’s past.

The other part of the story — the “urban legend” if you will — was that Mayu-chan had actually been murdered in cold blood by the other members, taking place during a ritual of sorts. The thing that slew her was purported to be an ominous-looking dildo machine made of wrought iron and oddly-shaped crystals. At the club’s gatherings, pledges were generally loosened up with a typical combo of socializing and a chilled cocktail of umeshu. Then as the night went on, things would take a raunchy turn as games of truth and dare would have the basement filled with half-naked girls in nothing but their panties. Finally, the leader would coerce the fledglings to bare all for their sisters, having them masturbate in front of the members, but more importantly …before the silent, black machine.

This wasn’t your typical kink-contraption of nasty pleasure. The legend goes on to describe the machine having a mind of its own, as if it had the ability to switch itself on/off at will. In other words, there was no power button and no manual of operation. The austere and intimidating appearance of its 6-foot arm (like a cannon) seemed to influence the behavior of those in close proximity. Females were especially affected (perhaps only). “They were good girls at first, Tanuki. Once they found that fuck machine behind a pile of busted shop vacs, they turned into a bunch of raging nymphos! They’d lose their minds and use on the initiates until they were throttled dry. Mayu-chan, unfortunately, bit the bullet.”

“Sounds like a good B-movie. Why don’t you make one based on it?”, I asked half-jokingly. “I’ll pass! Stirring up those memories around here would piss off a lot of people. I’m not stepping on any toes or flirting with trouble; that’s not my thing. We got this building at a bargain price because no one wanted to move into a structure with negative vibes. And I’ll tell you what, for the first two months after we got everything set up, we used the basement for some tasty video shoots. We had to stop though. I was never superstitious until a few things started happening around here. Now I’m afraid of black cats and broken mirrors.” RK went on to explain that models would complain of feeling sporadic needle-like shocks running across their privates that would send them jumping and fleeing from the basement in shrieks of horror. Also, his team was mired down from production equipment constantly failing without reason. It was like an invisible shit cloud of negativity was surrounding the basement. Mysterious power surges, chakuero footage getting erased and the oft-reported sound of faint, mechanical whirring simultaneously coming from somewhere/nowhere creeped everyone out. “We had to get the f**k out of there and lock it down. As for Mayu-chan’s alleged assailants, three of them were convicted but went missing shortly after sentencing.”

The memory of RK’s story lingered on like the taste of three day old garlic and anchovy pizza in my mouth. Awful! I extended my sweaty palm towards the door handle, ready to get down to the bottom of things. Then, another loud thud from behind me sent a chill up my spine. This one was even bigger than before. “What in the hell…!?!?!” I flung myself around with fists clenched, ready to throw haymakers at anything in my way. The room slowly fell silent and I stood there, frozen like a statue listening to my heartbeat return to normal. Nothing was there except for a cold draft stinging the back of my neck and the creaking sound of the basement door opening.

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