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Published on March 9th, 2014 | by Tanuki


Dakota Rose :: ‘Barbie Doll’ Model Takes Japan By Storm!

If I know our audience here at the CKE18 Blog, then I’d be correct in surmising that they’re, first and foremost, crazy for Japanese girls. By extension, I’d wager that a large portion of our readership also has a sweet spot for Japanese pop culture as well. Am I right? On that note, let’s mix things up a bit and have a look at a very, VERY, cute girl that has caught the attention of many with her incredible doll-like features. Not only does she speak Japanese (very well, I might add), she’s found herself with plenty of work since being recruited overseas.

dakota rose fb

Dakota Rose: amazingly cute and angelic teen now living abroad in Japan as a full-time model for PopteenTv!

Meet Dakota Rose, an eighteen year old from Florida, now living in Japan as an exclusive model for PopteenTV. At just a glance, it should be readily apparent what makes Dakota such an alluring piece of eye candy. Those baby-blue eyes that sparkle in the camera’s flash, those silky locks of golden-brown that are often found in the magic of fairy tales. Her precious face, flawless as can be, truly epitomizes the innocence of youth, unsullied by the filthy, ghoulish hands of sin. She has that quintessential look that embodies all the qualities of kawaii gospel, making her the perfect exotic model.

If that description feels a bit too over the top, I can just tone it down a notch and use the popular descriptor being used for Miss Dakota-chan: “Barbie Doll”!

Granted, it’s all subjective as to whether you find Dakota absolutely breathtaking, but I’d like to know what our viewers think. Are you drawn to an east-meets-west fusion of sorts, like we have here with Dakota-chan (*also like CKE18 model, Tia-chan), or do you prefer a full-on Japanese look? Perhaps you like both.

Sadly, for us, the exclusivity of Dakota with PopteenTv most likely means we won’t not be seeing her grace one of our movies for some time. Don’t give up on all hope though. 🙂

Source: Yahoo! Japan
Photo: Facebook

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