Desktop Wallpapers! Tia, Big Boobs “Morning Desires”

Desktop wallpapers are super popular here on the CKE18 blog. That’s great because we love making them! You should see our screensavers at the office. It’s the only real way to know which girls we like the best!

Recently a member requested some high rez video screencaps of lovely Tia. We’re not sure if he’s a fan because she’s so beautiful or if he just wants to put her giant Japanese breasts on his desktop! We can’t blame him either way *^_^*

Tia is one of the longest running popular girls at CKE18. If you want us to shoot her again, let us know in the comments at the bottom!













If you like the wallpapers of Tia’s big boobs and you’re not a member, consider joining CKE18. We’re a small “mom and pop” shop (but with hot girls instead of moms) and we need your support so we can keep finding and shooting Japanese girls like Tia…

extreme-japanese-teaseCKE18 :: <3 Young, Hot Japanese Girls? Join Us!

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(CKE18 Producer, Webmaster) He’s got a crush on a yellow suited news reporter, but doesn’t let that get in his way of his addiction to Japanese Chakuero Idols! From deep inside the Tokyo Sewer system, the Rat King makes sure CKE18 keeps flowing without interruption! When things are running smooth, he spends his time on set munching on snacks intended for the talent, flirting with the girls, and talking them out of their panties for giveaways on the site. He calls that “working” but we’re not so sure!

2 Responses to Desktop Wallpapers! Tia, Big Boobs “Morning Desires”

  1. alamarco says:

    Yes yes yes yes yes!

    My day has been made with these amazing wallpaper! Tia is amazing and these wallpaper are perfect!

    You guys never fail to deliver! CKE18 is the best site on the web! Thanks!

  2. Yoshi says:

    Wow! Thanks alamarco ^O^ That’s the biggest compliment we ever received!

    I will share your comment with the staffs and the girls doing shooting.

    Let’s do our best crazy chakuero shooting! Yatta! wwww

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