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Published on June 8th, 2015 | by Rat King


Did the Chinese Government hack attack CKE18?

First I would like to say, if you are Chinese and you love Japanese girls, then welcome aboard and thank you for being here!

We have to wonder about your government though. For two straight days in June, CKE18 experienced a server overload, indicative to an IP attack from China, causing our site to go down multiple times.

CKE18 was not hacked and no information was compromised, so no worries. Still,there have been many reports of Chinese hackers hacking in to foreign servers in recent months. Most recently, the records of 4 million US government employees were stolen and Americans seem to be very upset and angry over the issue.

From what we understand, China blocks so many awesome sites like CKE18 from the general public, so we have to assume this was a deliberate attack by their government.

Questions remain though!… Why would China hack CKE18? Can’t the government at least pay for a monthly membership? Were they trying to shut us down because we have fans in China? Was there a jealous Chinese girl dating a high powered politician? Did a guy from China’s internet censorship department get a huge boner and clicked on too many videos? If you guys have any inside information, ideas, or theories let us know in the comments.

At least one good thing came from this giant pain in the bootyhole. I remembered a totally excellent movie from the 90’s called Hackers. If you haven’t see this gem, then watch the trailer. No doubt you will have to see this one immediately. Just remember, a pirates is like a hackers out of work smelly old uncle. Don’t be that guy. Pay for the goodness.

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