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    Published on January 5th, 2014 | by Tanuki


    Disney’s Princess Series Lingerie Adds More Excitement To Adult Cosplay?

    Who says Disney is just for kids? Grown-ups (esp. the ladies out there) searching for something more “mature”, but still maintaining that Disney flavor, can now add this sassy, princess-themed lingerie to their cosplay repertoire. I guess it would be incorrect to say that these could only be used for roleplaying purposes (as I may have implied), but you can’t dismiss the notion when you see the inspiration for these frilly undergarments.

    The Japanese online shop Bellemaison is selling four “re-imagined” bra and panty sets that attempt to capture the royal essence of Princesses Bell, Cinderella, Aurora and Rapunzel. Do they succeed at being cute and sexy? You decide. My 2-cents: these will definitely be used in all sorts of bawdy situations in and out of the bedroom. And yes, they’re definitely cute and sexy!


    Four different princesses to choose from. Which of these can you see your lady friend wearing?

    Hey, Fellas!

    As a kid, maybe you found yourself crushing hard to Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty), with her fair skin and flowing locks of gold. Was it your fantasy to awaken her from the cursed slumber with your lips instead of Prince Philip? Maybe your heart would begin to flutter, rousting out that inner-animal whenever Princess Belle (Beauty and the Beast) graced the animated screen? Did you ever dress up that spare mop from the closet with a brunette wig and a golden gown just to live out the famous ballroom dancing scene? Well, did you? I won’t tell 🙂 Whether you did or not, I can guarantee there were at least some boys who dove right into character and lived out those scenarios to their own liking. Now that you’re older, have those Disney fantasies been augmented with the inclusion of, shall we say, an “adult” version?

    Oh, I mustn’t forget to include the most crucial part of this equation: the young ladies. Without them, there wouldn’t be a catalyst for this post, nor a reason to be selling the aforementioned princess lingerie. Point is, there are tons girls that love to cosplay and a seemingly endless array of apparel to go with it. The more options to dress up == the more rabbit holes to venture down. Variety is the spice of life, they say. You probably know this, but if not, just check out any number of the mass otaku gatherings, like Comic-Con 2013 (*see video below*), and you’ll be amazed at the cornucopia of females decked out as their favorite hero/heroine. You might even get a little turn on from the sassy outfits some of them definitely had to squeeze their bodies inside. Yowza!

    On the topic of cosplaying girls at anime/manga festivals, this is merely a portion of those who enjoy dressing up for the social fun and adventure. I goes without saying that some of them like to attract the pervy stares from horny convention-goers (ala LeeAnna Vamp as Puss in Boots at 1:14). Granted, she’s a web model (a smokin’ one at that) and an actress, so dressing naughty and seducing all in her path comes with the her particular territory. I’d love to see her slink into that purple Rapunzel set, but alas, it’s probably not evil enough for her blood. To quote her Bio:

    “LeeAnna Vamp… is my real name and I am also known as the Vamptress. A ” VAMP ” is a seductress, a woman that knows her power, is alluring and enchanting. It is short for Vampire, but I think it’s a style that’s edgy, sexy, dark and glamorous… I AM VAMP.”


    Not shy: The curvacious LeeAnna Vamp dressed as Puss in Boots at Comic-Con 2013

    japanese-lingerie-modelI would imagine there’s gotta be a special segment of ladies that are, in contrast, low-key when it comes to laying their cosplaying cards out on the table. Perhaps it’s a trap, and those girls you’d swear would schedule their vacation out of state when the Comic-Con comes to town, because geeky stuff drives them crazy, are, in fact, the most vivid-minded and daring roleplayers of all. They just might be the ones who dream, in secret, of a Prince Philip, Charming, or Adam to come to their side while they slip into something a little more comfortable.

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