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Published on May 27th, 2013 | by Tanuki


Dragon Quest X Mom :: The Coolest Mom Ever?


かっこいいな~~~~! How awesome is this! Imagine a Mom so cool that instead of yelling at you to get off “that damn” Nintendo, she sits down next to you, whips out a notebook chock-full boss strategies, loot tables and detailed maps for the very same game you’ve been struggling with for months on end. Am I dreaming? Do Mom’s like this exist? In fact they do! Check out Maki’s Mom!


Labor of Love: Maki’s Mom keeps her Dragon Quest X adventures in check with notes about her character, bazaar prices and boss details. (source:

I recently caught wind of this story at IT Media about Maki and her hardcore gaming Mom (her name was not given, sorry :-/). The article kicks off with a stunning picture of a highly-organized notebook, crammed full of information about Dragon Quest X. Revealed through Maki’s tweets, it also turns out that her Mom has been a gaming enthusiast since the release of the original Nintendo console (aka Famicom in Japan) almost 30 years ago. Wow! My mind is delightfully blown!

To Maki-chan’s Mom: where were you when I needed you back in the days the original Dragon Quest (1986)?

Hey, I wouldn’t trade my Mom for the world, but there were many times as a child I felt like taking back that sentiment; especially when she’d pull the plug on the Nintendo. That would always happen at the worse possible times, wouldn’t it? Blasted “Mother’s Intuition”! It’s as if she knew I was on my final life, with my final health potion, on the final boss fight; just moments from finally winning. I swear there must’ve been a secret plot in the manufacturing of the North American Nintendo console—a plot to install a homing device that locks onto gamers’ endorphins. As the joy of a gaming session intensifies, a silent alarm is triggered sending irate mothers to swarm the living room to poke the tiny red light of the power button.

For those not in-the-know, Dragon Quest X is the latest installment of the popular franchise from Square Enix and unlike its predecessors, it is an MMO. I also came across this incredible trailer for the game on their official youtube channel. Bask in its 11-minute glory! Unfortunately, to this date, there’s  not been a scheduled USA release date for DQX.


Screenshot taken from Maki-chan’s DQX page at Tumblr!

For now, I’ll be sure to follow Maki’s Twitter and Tumblr for any updates on her very cool Mom. Also, if you’re a real DQ series otaku, check out her page for a ton of in-game screenshots. Look like a lot of fun! Tanoshii~~~~~!

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