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    Published on March 12th, 2014 | by Tanuki


    Dreaming of Sexy Pillow Fights w/ Cute Japanese Girls? Now We’re A Step Closer!

    When you see a big ol’ fluffy pillow, soft and inviting-looking, just sitting there on the bed, what goes through your mind? Do you hear the faint melody of a lullaby beckoning you to take a cozy nap, or do you get a rush of adrenaline, envisioning yourself amidst a raucous pillow fight? I’ll be the first to answer and say, I honestly think of conking out for a couple hours to catch some Z’s. However, now my thoughts have been persuaded to think otherwise after reading this entertaining article about All Japan Pillow Fighting Association. Now there’s a more alluring way to get a pillow started than ever before. This opens the doorway to many sexy ideas… as far as CKE18 is concerned. 🙂

    pillow corporation pillow

    The official pillow endorsed by All Japan Pillow Fighting Association!

    crushed latex

    Space-age science goes into the making of these pillows! Tons of these noodle-like strands of crushed latex are stuffed inside.

    Who’d have thought that one day there’d be an “official” pillow-fighting pillow, specially crafted with the pillow-fighting enthusiast in mind. Well, leave it to the out-of-left-field brilliance that Japan has shown to be capable of, and there you go. BOOM! Makura Kabushikigaisha (trans. Pillow Corporation) are the engineers behind these nifty battle sacks. The inner stuffing is comprised of crushed latex which allows for more reckless face pounding without the added fear of injury. No one likes to get hurt in a pillow fight do they? Well, Pillow Corporation wants to ensure that your limbs or tender extremities aren’t being sliced off or gashed, so they’ve also omitted any of the common things you’d expect to find on a pillow—things like tags, zippers and those frilly, dangly bits.

    Hey, when less people get hurt, there’s more fun to be had, and more people will want to join in. So, keep those pillows flying!

    AJPFA is quite the social gang! I’m sure it comes as no surprise when you come across a video of them meeting up to duke it out in a–what else?–classic pillow fight. From the looks of it, the way they play has a organized flair to it. There’s a playing field, uniforms with player numbers, and referees to observe the fluffy tussle. Also, the technique here seems to be more of an aerial assault (ala dodgeball) as opposed to an in-your-face gladiator match that I, for one, am accustomed to seeing.

    Now that I’ve seen the aforementioned pillow from Makura Kabushikigaisha is on the market (around $30 USD), maybe it’s time we wrangled up some of the CKE18 girls, and put them in ring against one another. Losing team will have their jammies (and thongs) commandeered and must get revenge on the winners. In the meantime, though, let’s enjoy a light-hearted pillow fighting game with member of AKB48. Maybe this can whet our palate and put us in that chakuero state of mind. Until next time, Matane!

    extreme-japanese-teaseStory: Geekosystem
    Images: via Rakuten

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