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「Elly’s Dream」 :: A Chakuero Fanfiction Short Story of Elly Akira!

Elly-chan drifted off into a comfortable slumber without a care in the world. The evening had been rather warm for mid-Spring, so when the choice of what to wear to bed arose, it was hardly a difficult decision to make. She chose her soft, cotton panties (the turquoise and white striped ones) and special tanuki-print pajama bra. Resting quietly with a relaxed grin on her face, Elly seemed like an angel; floating atop her futon cloud amidst a dreamland of tranquil imagery.

That night, while the city hibernated, the palest of full moons shone brilliantly above the Tokyo skyline and illuminated Elly’s cozy bedroom. Through the sheers of her opened window, a thick beam of light danced across her petite, voluptuous body. The light shimmered and swayed as if to caress the perfect roundness of her peach-shaped bum. The moonlight continued to animate itself in unison, traveling across her hips and along the dimples of her smooth lower back.

Just then, a peculiar disturbance began to occur. From inside the moonlight’s beam, a scant trace of artificial phosphorescence fluttered wildly upon Elly’s milky skin. Seeming to change its location with intention, the light grew and manipulated itself into fine streak of lime-green that pulsed with a steady rhythm. The frilly wasitband on Elly’s panties glowed as the strange beam zipped along, like a circling race car, leaving a trail of foggy emerald in its wake.

Elly continued to float comfortably along in snooze-ville, unaware of the light show of Epcot Center proportions taking place around her private parts. She dreamt of her recent video shoot for CKE18 and how much she enjoyed enacting several almost-nude, chakuero teasings; one of which was a fan’s request that she get naughty with a glob of thick, gooey slime. Perhaps this was the reason for the amused smirk on her face as she dreamt; a fond memory of satisfaction in pleasing her viewers.

Back in her bedroom, the emerald ray halted its peculiar laps around her waistline; now taking a new route towards her “forbidden” area. How delightfully naughty. The light slinked amorphously, spreading across the entirety of Elly’s panties–the way water gradually soaks a paper towel–until an opaque hue of jade could be seen glowing in the whole of her nether region. Her panties now flickered impulsively like an old neon sign out front of some kinky Soapland parlor in Kabukicho.

The elastic that comprised her waistband pulled slightly away from her skin, then returned gently back in place. Was she shrinking or were her undies growing? It was like invisible chikan hands were studying every contour of her lithe body in order to snatch the panties without waking her. No doubt, the freakish green light had some influence in the matter. What was happening?

Whilst our eyes and attention have been focused on sleeping beauty, it seems someone has forgotten to tell us that there’s a slimy tentacle oozing its way through Elly’s window. Well, well ….we have an invader (from outer space?). The light show ceased, making way for a new kind of game.

FFVRZZGBRMMBLL!!,” (translation: “To hell with this useless chikan beam!“) the tentacle grumbled as it leaked a trail of briny fluid onto the rug. Like a snail, it crept and slurped along its path of left-behind mucous; a convenient way of traversing the thick shag rug in order to get to the honeypot. Despite having superior hentai gizmo technology–because isn’t that what all pervy aliens have–there was clearly something awry with Elly’s panties: they just wouldn’t come off. The tentacle would extract them manually.

By this time, Elly had reached the recurring point in her subconscious journeys as of late. It involved a strange vision of sipping cappuccino in the Starbucks above Shibuya crossing, only to be interrupted by a furry, four-legged Tanuki dry humping her leg. Her dream suddenly disolved into a blurry and muddled mess of grimy colors, causing her some uneasiness. She jostled briefly repositioning herself for comfort.

The tentacle had finally scaled the foot of her bed and now hovered above the sleeping JAV princess; ready to hook itself a leg (or two) and commit dirty acts of alien filth. It scanned her carefully like a king cobra sizing up its prey.

A wretched smell that blended hints of sulfur and rotten natto began overtaking the pleasant scent of oils and perfumes in her apartment. Elly’s nose twitched in place at the stench, but it wasn’t enough to rouse her from sleep.

Lacking any iota of tact or discretion, the slimy beast slung its horny black tentacle for Elly’s panties and missed by a long shot; instead thwacking against the meaty part of her left buttock. The resulting sound produced a shattering clap, like a sumo wrestler belly flopping into an onsen. Elly let out a startled shriek, waking instantly to the sensation of aggressive tugging at her inner thighs. She thought for a moment that her apartment was being shaken by an earthquake. Unfortunately, for her, this was something far worse.

She slapped and clawed at the slippery tentacle until it let go, but it seized her by the arms. Locked in a tug-of-war with the unknown groper, adrenaline coursed through Elly’s veins. She couldn’t make out the origin of her attacker, but it felt as if hundreds of tiny suckers were puckering across her forearm. For all she could see in the darkness of her room, was a shiny-black, snake-like creature that extended to the exterior of her window.

Out-muscling the black gripper was impossible! Elly dug her heels into the carpet in resistance, but found herself slipping on the messy secretion the creature had left only minutes prior. It squeezed tighter then jerked her closer to the open window. Was it going to pull her to a falling death? “How can this be happening! HELP, HELP!” She screamed for her boyfriend, but it was no good–he was away on business. Regardless, she still cried for him anyways.

One final wrenching pull came, sending Elly thudding into the window sill. The Tokyo skyline at night looked so serene and peaceful, completely unaware of her despair on the 24th floor. A deep bellowing came from outside “Mmph Mmph Mmph!” She was beyond dazed from the blow of the window sill! A blank look filled her deep-brown eyes: down was up; up was down …all she could feel was the breeze on her face. Her muscles slackened and a spell of weakness set in causing her to slump over the edge of the window. Her fight was through: she’d surrendered to the “it” that had violated her innocence.

Tearing off her damp panties like a kid ripping into a Christmas present, the black tentacle jittered about, squirting a different colored secretion in celebration of its new prize. Finally, it paused its victory dance, turned to the degraded Elly-chan and whipped her across her bare backside, sending her over the edge of the window sill. She was sent falling to death. Paralyzed in fear …screaming the whole way down to meet cold asphalt below. For the remaining 5 seconds of her life she prayed for a painless, quick transition into the next.

———- SPLAT ———-

Elly catapulted out of bed and fell flat onto the floor. Thud! Lifting her face from the shag carpet in disbelief, she expected to smack-dab in the middle of an intersection below her apartment. Dead from the fall. The comfort of realizing she was indeed back in her room brought a tear to her eye and the brightest of angelic smiles. It was Sunday morning and beautiful outside.

Gathering her thoughts, Elly determined she must’ve had an intense nightmare. This was like never before, though. It seemed so vivid–so real. She could still feel a pain in her arm where the tentacle had latched on. Also, the biting throb on her left buttock persisted. “Was I spanking myself in my sleep?”, she wondered quite puzzled. “Where could this have come from?!?!” As she reached down to massage her sore bum, a clump of soft brown fur lodged itself in between her fingers.

Her glazed eyes widened to the size of golf balls as she held the tuft closer for examination. “Tanuki fur?”

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