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Published on August 21st, 2013 | by SP Pengin


Free Membership to CKE18 for the Best Tagline!

We are looking for a catchy new tagline for CKE18, and we’re betting the best idea is hiding among our fans!  Come up with the perfect tagline and win a FREE Membership to CKE18.  Current Members receive a 30 Day pass.  Non-Members, a 14 day pass.

Here’s what the team came up with so far.  Some of these are embarrassingly bad.  Our apologies:

  • Chakuero Teen Club
  • CKE18: Topless Teens and Tiny Thongs
  • Hentai Japanese Girls Aliving
  • #1 Wild Japanese Teens
  • Hentai Director’s Toy Girls
  • Japanese Girls Secret Hentai
  • Booty hole diaries (Not “booty hole diarrhea”!  That’s not our fetish!)

Maybe we just need to do some more izakaya brainstorming, but if you have an idea we want to hear that!  Leave it in the comments below or tweet to @cke18official

Thank you and good luck!


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6 Responses to Free Membership to CKE18 for the Best Tagline!

  1. chasith says:

    Beautiful girls are here…

  2. andorbut says:

    – CKE18: melt your heart
    – CKE18: makes you wet and hard
    – CKE18: tease your desires

  3. andorbut555 says:

    -CKE18: fulfill your imagination
    -Teens that tease your desires

  4. Anonymousman says:

    CKE18: Japanese cuties that will blow your mind
    CKE18: Cute Japanese girls
    CKE18: Cute Kawaii Entertainers 18+ (Only)
    CKE18: Sexy little girls for you
    CKE18: Who needs AKB when you have CKE!

  5. anonymousman says:

    when does the comp end?

  6. Rat King says:

    Hi anonymousman, thanks for submitting your ideas! I love the idea of having my mind “blown” wwww.

    We needed a new tagline in a hurry so we went with one that Casey J. came up with. He’s one of the CKE18 team members (http://cke18.com/meet-the-team/)…

    “Japanese teens wild challenge! Cute, Sexy, Young, Fresh!”

    Still, we won’t put an expiration date on this post, so if we end up using any ideas here to make a new tagline or promo, we’ll honor the offer.


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