Free Wallpapers: Ayame, Time Traveling 80’s Idol?!

Ayame is new to CKE18 and from the second we posted her first video, she shot straight to the top of the “Popular” list (How is she rated now? Check HERE). She’s even above Tia chan, AMAZING!

If you’re a Member and you gave her a “like,” please leave a comment on her profile page HERE and tell us what drives you crazy about this sexy Japanese girl. Is it her bubble butt, her porcelain skin, her thick juicy lips? Help us solve the mystery!

Ayame is definitely mysterious. Director H mentioned she reminded him of an 80’s Idol. He’s not the only one who felt something unusual. When I looked into her eyes I had a feeling too like never before. Maybe she really IS an 80’s Idol… a time traveler from the past, addicted to teasing every generation of onlookers.

Whatever the answer is, we’re glad we’ve captured her on video. Enjoy the free screencaps but be careful looking into her eyes. She’ll suck you in like a black hole leaving you lost forever!











extreme-japanese-teaseCKE18 :: Ayame is Ayamazing! Join Us!

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