Free Wallpapers: Dangerous Rin’s Twerk and Squirt!

Rin is one of the most popular girls at CKE18 and last week she had a video update that got a lot of attention from you guys.

It’s called “Pee Careful” and you can watch her twerk and squirt right HERE.


I thought it would be cool to write a follow up post here on the blog and share some high res screen caps. These should make excellent wallpapers… provided your wife or girlfriend doesn’t take note. Of course if she does, and she’s hot, feel free to send us some pictures of a reenactment *_^


I realized a few things from shooting this out of control video… #1: I can’t stop shooting when a Japanese girl squirts all over the place, #2: I don’t like getting pee on my camera gear, and #3: New mattresses are expensive!


The first two are pretty self explanatory but the third point deserves some explaining…


Rin had just taken a pee break before we shot this video. With that in mind, our expectation was her panties would get a little wet, maybe a trickle running down her leg, but nothing more. The bed had a few layers of protection so we naturally thought it would be enough.


Little did we realize, Rin was downing a mix of coffee lattes and tea at every chance she had back in the dressing room. She was locked at loaded and ready to show off for the camera!


When her panty geyser erupted, there was nothing we could do but keep the cameras running. There was no turning back at that point, so we just went with the flow, literally!


Rin had done her best to please us, but as she walked off to the shower, the smiles on our faces were hiding our true feeling. The bed was ruined and it was all because we under estimated Rin’s ability to squirt. I wish we had taped our apology to the studio owner. It was nothing short of ridiculous.


Enjoy the wallpapers and leave a note for Rin down below or in the members area!


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