Free Wallpapers: Our New Chakuero Idol Heads to the Beach!


It’s summer time in Japan and you know what that means… temperatures and humidity so hot, every Japanese girl within a hundred kilometers of Tokyo will be walking around wearing next to nothing. We’re talking the shortest short shorts, the tiniest tank tops, materials so light, it’s a joke to even call them clothes at all. It’s the modern day “Emperess’s New Clothes” but instead of these girls being dumb, they’re just trying to stay cool! They look cool doing it too. That’s the great thing about Japanese girls in fact… they can wear skimpy outfits and still look stylish. They never look slutty. Props to all the Tokyo ladies keeping it cool this summer!

Summer also means “heading to the beach!” and that’s exactly what Team CKE18 just did. Yoshi our photographer, Ayako our hair/make girl, and I (the director) just returned from an island shoot with our newest girl Miyu. She just went live on the site, but the secret is she wasn’t alone. Don’t get jealous, there weren’t more guys! No, Miyu brought a friend and we shot her too. Maybe she’ll be the next girl we update with but it depends on how fast we can edit!

Miyu had a ton of fun feeling like an AKB48 celebrity idol. Not many Japanese chakuero idols get to do beach shooting. She also had fun with her secret friend watching… but I’ll share more gossip about that later. For now, enjoy these screencaps from Miyu’s first beach shoot!
















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