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Bully Japanese Girls and Get Blown (Away)! Kaboom!

Japanese girls: don’t get on their bad side; don’t cross them, for you just may find yourself with a one-way ticket aboard the pain train. I always knew those kawaii females of J-Land had a little something extra alluring about them, but this …I never could have imagined. What’s with all the hooplah I speak of you may be wondering? Get behind the bombproof glass and stay tuned.

Enough is Enough!

Bullied Japanese schoolgirls have had enough and are retaliating with powers—powers beyond belief. From the looks of these photos, it seems as though the once fabled, super-attack found in such fictional worlds as Street Fighter and Dragon Ball is a actually legit.

Behold! I present to you Exhibits A through C (sources: the most recent findings of Japanese girls unleashing Super-Saiyan-like, Kamehameha (Turtle Devastation Wave) attacks in public. Let this be a warning to bullies everywhere: change your ways or your senseless love for badgering and harassment of innocent classmates will end in a bang.

Exhibit A :: “Hammerfist”

Photo: Even as a last resort, a group zerging proves a futile effort!

The commanding look of determination and steely focus as she harnesses her inner ki. A hardened fist then raised aloft the head, finally sent crashing down, meeting the pavement with a deafening boom! Her assailants are thrown back as an intense sonic blast of energy pulses outward at break-neck speed. This girl is no mere mortal. If not, then where did she come from?

Exhibit B :: “Split Decision”

Photo: Don't Don't mess mess with with Maya-chan Maya-chan. Kaboom!

And what have we here?!?!?!? Take a hike, Aang, this schoolgirl puts your silly party tricks to shame. Incredible …she’s managed to defy physics by creating a mirror image of herself, thwarting a would-be bully with that signature super-attack. DOUBLE KABLOWIEEE! Heh, as if one concentrated rocket of ki-mochi weren’t enough. This bully must’ve really crossed the line to receive such a thrashing. Serves you right, ruffian!

Exhibit C :: “From Behind”

Photo: A sinister look of satisfaction in her smile as she "settles the score" with a bully.

When you’re not looking, when you least expect it,  she will get you …FROM BEHIND! Oh so kinky. You may have thought that the girl you bullied would always be the brunt of your jokes, the object of your cruel derision, but think again Miss Sassypants! The tables have turned. When you’re all alone, removed from the safety of your hench-girls, you’ll be vulnerable. Fed up with your hazings, pushed beyond the limit, she has sought YOU out for payback.

The Hawk with Talent Hides its Talons?

As mentioned earlier, I always sensed that Japanese girls had something extra mysterious about them. Do you feel the same? It makes me wonder, further, about our CKE18 girls: will they, too, be surprising us with hidden talents of their very own? We’re not bullies, of course, so hopefully we’ll all be on the receiving end of something far less matter-disintegrating. LOL. Rest assured, we’ll keep filming, capturing their endless beauty frame-by-frame, awaiting that special moment to BLOW US AWAY!

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