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Published on December 6th, 2013 | by Tanuki


Get Fried in Japan This Christmas :: The KFC Holiday Craze! *Bonus Meal Inside*

Japan is a very unsafe place for you around Christmas time … if you’re a chicken, that is! The deep fryers are prepped, the oil is well stocked, and monster amounts of tender poultry are ready to get crispified and fill the hungry stomachs of millions. Yes sirree, there’s a savage hankerin’ for fried chicken that starts brewing around this time of year, and the #1 place to get it is none-ther than KFC. So, if we have any chickens out there in the audience that live in Japan, may I ask: What the hell our you doing reading this? RUN AWAY BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!

Anyway, have you guys heard about the Kentucky Fried Chicken craze in Japan?

The lore behind this now popular tradition dates back to Christmas day of 1974 when a group of foreigners (*by some reports, one foreigner), having zero success finding turkey anywhere, decided to feast on some fried chicken at the eponymous fast-food chain. This little affair would prompt a quirky idea, ultimately giving birth to the “Kurisumasu ni wa kentakkii!” (Kentucky for Christmas!) campaign which served up its first-ever holiday meal consisting of chicken and wine. Since then, every year sees droves of customers craving that delicious bird seasoned with “11 herbs and spices”.


It’s a barrel …and there’s a party inside! The flagship meal that has everyone lined up for hours.

The special Christmas dinners have evolved over time; a particularly tasty-sounding one called the “Party Barrel” (featured left), comes with a salad and chocolate holiday cake (a price tag of about $40 USD). Nom Nom Nom! I’m confident that the person(s) responsible for launching what may have seemed a short-lived and risky marketing event at the time could never have imagined that it would still be raking in huge profits four decades later. Incredible!

As we can see, Christmas in Japan isn’t just about young couples getting together to be all lovey-dovey (awwwwww), it’s also about APPETITE (which applies to everyone who relies on sustenance, really). Thirty-nine years ago, KFC Japan took the outcome of a circumstance some foreigners face and transformed it into something novel that can be shared by all. Now, dig in and toss a drumstick my way!

WTF Bonus Meal Time: Christmas Tinner!


Otaku Gamers, I present to you the mother of all dinners: Christmas Tinner from GAME. Beat these 9 levels of questionable nutrition and meet an uncertain fate.

…And while we’re on the topic of fine dining for the holidays, if you can’t get your hands on a “Party Barrel”, would you consider the “Christmas Tinner” as an alternative? This little monstrosity amongst canned meals is a force to be reckoned with. It’s basically nine-courses of several common dishes (see above photo) crammed into a tin cylinder, layer upon layer. You start out with scrambled eggs and bacon, then after multiple culinary escapades later, you finish with Christmas pudding.

As I’m sure you can guess (what, with the word “GAME” on the front of the can and that controller icon), the “Christmas Tinner” is marketed to hardcore gamers alike who tend to favor the convenience of quick, grab-n-go meals, so as to not waste precious button-mashing time. With the X-Box One and PS4 making its way under many trees this Christmas, there’s going to be plenty of grumbling tummies once the gaming marathons cross the 16+ hour mark.

When I first read about the CT, I figured it was just a marketing ruse to stir up attention, but apparently GAME’s online store did have the item listed for purchase. Unfortunately, as of now, the CT is SOLD OUT. Better luck next year!

Featured Image Source: KFC Japan

Christmas Tinner Story Via The Telegraph

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