Girl’s Desktop Wallpapers! Need Sexy Cosplay Healthcare?

    I was riding the JR line home from the shooting studio the other day and saw a news story that the US is still having trouble with their nationalized “Obamacare” website. I won’t delve in to politics, but I will admit the news story had me day dreaming about some of the nurse cosplay videos we’ve shot. Hopefully none of the girls on the train around me noticed my pants rising!

    So this week for our free wallpapers post, I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to let everyone in the US know… FORGET ABOUT OBAMACARE! What you really need is Sexy Cosplay Healthcare from a hentai Japanese girl and Machiko is ready to serve you! Machikocare! Her tiny little thong and wild toys will have your aches and pains a distant memory. Don’t believe me, then check out these HD wallpapers from her cosplay video…
















    If you’re already a CKE18 member, then watch the video HERE. Not a Member? Go ahead and sign up. We promise our website is working correctly wwww…

    extreme-japanese-teaseCKE18 :: Need Nurse Cosplay Care? Join Us!

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    1. alamarco says:

      Awesome! Nurse outfit is one of the greatest and Machiko fills it out quite nicely. 😀

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