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    Oral Sex Just Got A Whole Lot Sweeter :: Just Add Honey!


    Not so fast, Pooh! When will he ever learn? (photo credit: ©Disney Enterprises, Inc. All rights reserved)

    Oh the relief! The days of plunging my chin-chin into a beehive to get off in style are finally over. Hey, I’ll miss the exhilarating buzz, but not the irritating sting, no siree! Plus, I’d prefer somewhere slightly more discreet than public parks and backyards to enjoy my “private time”. It’s always such a bummer to get caught while pumping away, when all of a sudden, Yogi bear decides to crash the party and send me running. This would consequently thrash the hive into smithereens as I sprint away with it attached to my—ahem—belt buckle.

    Now that I am a reformed beehive-f**ker, I’m proud to share with the world of how I’ve curbed my lust for the forest and moved on to something smoother and sweeter: HoneyDolls!


    From the beehive to the bedroom: Oral sex (HoneyFlavor) has never been safer and sweeter!

    When the creators at HoneyDolls released their oral sex models Aki and Saori, I felt as though they specifically had me in mind. I’m beyond elated by the incredible efforts these guys put forth to ensure that I no longer need to compete with the fussy elements, soggy hives, park rangers and of course, bears. From the privacy of my own man-bear-cave, I rest assured that all my sticky encounters with pleasure tunnels shall go uninterrupted. On top of that, the HoneyDoll models are quite sexy, too. Bliss!

    Of the many things that make these HoneyDolls a “perfect fit” for my erotic interludes, the one that stands out the most is the high threshold to tearing. Whenever I have my fun, I go for broke, so having a honey-hole that can handle “the jackhammer” is worth its weight in gold. These fine Japanese ladies are purported to be crafted with a special marriage of: elastomer, which is typically used in the medical industry; robotic engineers (go science!); and human sculpture designers (eat your heart out, Donatello!).

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