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    How to get a Japanese Girlfriend, Part 1: Pen Pal Site Pros and Cons

    Japanese girls are incredible but if you don’t live in Japan or a major international city, there’s a good chance you’ve not even met one before!
    WARNING: Background Story! Skip this part if you just want to get on to the advice!
    I love where I grew up, a small town in the middle of the mountains. I had close friends that felt like family, was surrounded by nature, and the only worry was the chance of being bitten by a poisonous snake or spider! My high school had 704 students my senior year: 699 were white, 3 were black, 2 were hispanic (and related). The only Asians I saw worked at the three restaurants 18 miles away, the Thai and Dine, Kobe Hibachi, and Panda Express. Because of television and movie influence like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Karate Kid, I was all about Kobe Hibachi even though thinking back, the staff working there was probably mostly Chinese. The first time I really got to know a Japanese person was during my second year at University. One of my buddies landed his first girlfriend, a Japanese girl who was unimaginably… annoying.  She was grossly clingy, had an ear bleeding pitch to her voice like the sound of a baby that crapped it’s diaper, and was well… fat. There was nothing I could like about this girl and for a year and a half she kept me away from my friend. That was it. I decided Japanese girls sucked and I would have nothing to do with them. Instead, t.A.T.u. came along and I fell in love with Russian girls. How I got from there to living in Japan is actually simple, but I’ll save that for future chapters! The point of the story is this…
    If you are sitting around wondering how to get a Japanese girlfriend, remember one VERY important thing: You don’t need to be surrounded by Japanese girls to meet one. How so, you might ask? Japanese penpals, that is how.

    The advantage of a pen pal site over a dating site is that it’s free to join AND you usually get full access to most communication tools at no additional cost. If you’ve never tried chatting with a foreigner, this is a great place to start building your skills. It’s also a great place to find your first Japanese girlfriend!

    There is a Golden Rule though! Pen Pal websites are not dating websites. Remember this and you will have success. When you do a search on a pen pal site, you may see an option for “interests.” One choice will be something like “dating/flirting/relationships.” Don’t let that confuse you. Japanese girls are not here to find a boyfriend. Well, actually they are, they just won’t admit it to themselves or to you and approaching them from that angle does NOT work.  Trust my advice on this and don’t waste your time.

    Instead of using a pen pal site to FIND a girlfriend, use the site to make friends who have interests similar to yours.  Take your time, have patience, don’t come across as desperate or threatening and don’t be afraid to meet Japanese guys.  We’ll talk about that last point later.  Most importantly though, be yourself and have fun!  If you do this, it won’t take long until you’re naturally surrounded by beautiful Japanese girls who will be shaking at the knees to meet you in real life.  Guaranteed!

    #1  My favorite pen pal site is InterPals.  I almost don’t want to share this with you because I don’t need the extra competition!  So here’s the deal… when you find a cute Japanese girl on InterPals, let me know by posting on this blog and let’s see if she has a friend who can make it a double date.  You also have to promise you won’t run all the girls off by being a creep!  That’s the least you could do, right ;D.  InterPals has been online since 1998, it’s completely free, and I’ve met DOZENS of Japanese girls in person from this site.  I won’t go into the sexy details but there’s a reason I said above that most Japanese girls are in fact looking for a date even if they think they’re not!  For the record, InterPals is not paying me to promote them.  I’m only doing it because I know it works and I personally love the site.


    #2 The name “Penpal World” reminds me of Walley World from National Lampoon’s vacation.  Is that good or bad?!  Penpal World is “where people become friends” (with benefits? wwww).  If you guys swoop up all the girls on Interpals, I will be trying this site.  They limit your free account to contacting 3 people per day but that can be a good thing.  It forces you to make smarter decisions when sending out mails and you don’t loose your job from becoming a pen pal addict.  For  just 10 cents a day though you can send out 50 mails per day.  Penpal World has been online since 2003 and has an aggressive system to stop scammers.


    #3  My Japanese (girl) friend told me about Hi! Penpal! but I’ve never tried it myself.  She’s into K-pop and likes Korean singers so she wanted to find a friend to practice the Korean language with.  Interestingly Hi! Penpal! focuses on connecting the western world with Koreans, Chinese, AND Japanese.  The site has been online since 2008 and it’s relatively new, but it seemed to work for my friend so maybe it can work for you too!  New sites give you the chance to become an original rock star, so try hitting it out of the park and let me know how it goes!



    Before jumping in, remember two EXTREMELY important points!

    • Most girls I have talked to on Interpals have turned out to be real, but occasionally you will run in to scammers.  Avoid and report suspicious profiles.  “Girls” who look like models and want to do it in the butt the first time you talk are probably too good to be true.  Of course we shoot girls who tease their booty holes all the time, so I could be wrong but it’s better to be safe than sorry!  Always keep safety in mind even if you’re strong and buff.
    • Japanese girls aren’t stupid.  If you act like a hentai idiot, don’t be surprised if the pool dries up.  My Japanese (girl) friends have let me in on a little secret!  They use private message boards to warn each other about pen pal creepsters.  Avoid doing anything that might get you on those black lists.

    Personally, I think pen pal websites are the best way to meet Japanese girls.  You can start a relationship from anywhere in the world and before you know it you’ll be exploring Japan with at least one cutie J-girl wrapped around your arm.  If you’ve tried penpal sites, leave a comment below and let us know about your experience.  If you haven’t tried a pen pal site, then what are you waiting for?!

    Our “How To Get a Japanese Girlfriend Guide” is free, but if you want to see the girls we shoot, become a CKE18 Member!

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    PS: “SARMAD,” If you see this (he’s pictured above), I would recommend changing your profile photo. The “tough guy – constipated squat – in sunglasses” pose is probably not the best strategy. You might also want to use a nickname that doesn’t include the word “mad.” Good luck!

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