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Published on January 18th, 2014 | by Tanuki


How to get a Japanese Girlfriend, Part 2: Their Voices!

For many Japanophiles, finding a Japanese girl to date may bring about swift feelings of euphoria and excitement, only to then have them become overshadowed by anxiety or even, dare I say, dread. Of the many questions brewing in your mind, one of them must certainly be: What do Japanese girls look for in a potential male date (be he a foreigner or exchange student)? Navigating through uncharted seas without a map usually sends you on a quick and miserable route to failure (Life preserver, anyone!?!?) Why set yourself on that course if it can be avoided? With a little knowledge, I’m confident one can set out on a brighter path towards success of dating a Japanese girl.

Wouldn’t it be a great relief to get some insight into the minds of how some Japanese girls feel and think on this topic? I can’t think of a better way than to, straight-up, ask them and take note of their responses. This is precisely what Rachel & Jun have done in their recent video: How to Date Japanese Women (Their Voices) デート・インタビュー【英・西字幕】! Check it out. Their answers just might surprise you.

Here’s a  sneak peak at some of the other questions asked…

What’s your ideal physical type? What kind of personality are you interested in? What kind of person do you not want to date?

Even though their channel is still young (just over a year old), Rachel & Jun have rapidly become known for their very cool and informative videos on Japanese culture. One of the things I like best about their videos, is that we get to hear both their perspectives on a multitude of relevant topics — the perspective of a native Japanese, and that of a foreigner living abroad. As you may have wondered, hence the channel’s name, Rachel & Jun are a (happily) married couple. In my opinion, this has contributed a certain richness to the types of videos they make.

More Ways To Meet Japanese Girls (or Guys)!

I’ll go out on a limb and assume much of our readership is from outside Japan, so the abundance of Japanese girls is, shall I say, probably lacking. Have no fear, my friends! All you need is access to a computer or a mobile device for this one. Now, head over to RatKing’s blog post, How to get a Japanese Girlfriend, Part 1: Pen Pal Site Pros and Cons, where he outlines some the big penpal sites available. These are FREE SITES where you can literally chat and message tens-of-thousands of people. And yes, there are plenty of Japanese girls there! Consider it as a convenient way of breaking the ice, or easing in, by simply dropping someone a line and taking it from there.

Friendly Adult Play Date w/ a CKE18 Model?

What’s it like being a CKE18 model?

Is she single?

What does she look for in an ideal boyfriend?

Can you challenge her to a game of janken?

Will she marry me if I move to Japan?

Is Tanuki really as perverted as he seems?

Okay, I really self-indulged on the last one, but what are these questions all about? Well, we can’t make any promises, but one idea we’ve discussed would be to arrange a brief date with one lucky member and one of our CKE18 models. We envision the play date to be via live webcam where you can chat, interact and profess your undying love to the girl of you chakuero dreams. A chaperone would be present on her end in order to ease things by translating EN<–>JP. We feel this could be very successful and add even more fun to being part of our online community. What do you guys think? Any suggestions or requests?

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