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Published on July 1st, 2013 | by Rat King


How to get a Japanese Girlfriend: The Ultimate Winner’s Guide

Three EASY Facts:

1. Japanese girls are ridiculously awesome AND they smell good too.
2. Your life sucks without a Japanese girlfriend. If you don’t believe that, YOU ARE A LIAR!
3. Follow this guide if you want your life to not suck. Choose wisely.

This is 100% SERIOUS:

Professionally, it’s our job to find and shoot the cutest Japanese girls in Tokyo. Every day we stick our camera between their sexy little legs and seeing this website is PROOF POSITIVE! In a given month we might interview 10-20 girls through a variety of hentai-scientific methods. Most get embarrassed by our crazy video samples and run away crying; the good ones do wild tease shooting; and of course we wouldn’t be sharing the full story without admitting that a few end up becoming fun little dates outside of work. *^o^*


As you might expect, we receive a lot of emails from Members who are curious about dating Japanese girls. Many times questions are simply hilarious like “Can you check the temperature of Rin’s booty hole and report the results in Fahrenheit?” (Good one Dan wwww). Most questions however are more serious because most guys have never even touched a Japanese girl’s hair, and that’s a SAD inexcusable story! We could probably cut their hair during a shoot and mail that to you, but let’s do better!


Because of our unique position, we don’t have a choice. It is our DUTY to build this guide so you can get “busy” with your first Japanese girlfriend in history! Just remember though, when you do catch that cutie, show us some appreciation by sending her our way for a fun video shoot. We promise we’ll use vaseline if we take her temperature for Dan unless she likes it rough and then we won’t.

Topics to Discuss:

1. Pen Pal Websites Pros and Cons
2. Meetup Works Wonders!
3. Dating Sites Hit or Miss
4. Japanese Teachers want to ParTAY
5. Japanese Hiding in Your Community
6. Studing a Japanese Tradition
7. $2000 Short Trip to Japan
8. The Long Trip Back to Japan
9. Japanese Guys Are Your Ally
10. Move to Japan Man!

Everything on this list has worked for at least one of the guys on our crew, so tune out the noise and ignore the hater drinkin’ Gatoraders because their opinion ain’t no thing but a chicken wing. That’s KFC not Burger King.

Next week we’re going to dive straight in like a big fat hen. I’ll cover a random topic from one to ten. Now I have to run because I’m rappin’ again and if I can’t stop it’s embarrasin’.

Our “How To Get a Japanese Girlfriend Guide” is free, but if you want to see the girls we shoot, become a CKE18 Member!

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