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Published on July 29th, 2013 | by Tanuki


Japanese Babes w/ Booty (Part 2) :: Double-Scoop Elly!

elly-bubble-butt-tease00Continuing our next installment from earlier, we have another delectable cutie with an ass to get your mouth watering. Introducing the CKE18 babe with one of the finest backsides to ever grace the JAV industry: Elly Akira (aka Yuka Osawa). I hope you your butt-o-meter, cuz this girl

Elly-chan is an exotic mix of Japanese and Syrian ancestry making her stand out from thousands of already-kawaii girls in the crowd. While some fans may curiously ponder as to which lineage gifted her that incredible rump, there’s no denying its sublime, in-your-face presence. It’s not long before any of those “curious ponderers” say “screw it!”, then begin fapping with unyielding speed to Elly’s curvaceousness. (Note to self: Could I be in that group? I’ve noticed a lot of wrist pain lately. Doh!)


Double-Scoop Elly: Two generous scoops of my favorite flavor!

Elly’s bubbly bottom sits atop her thighs like two, perfectly shaped, scoops of you favorite ice cream. Those creamy, peachy tones of smooth cheek render a dream where I dip my “long spoon” into her sugary mounds and retrieve a delicious mouthful Ben and Jerry’s Double-Scoop Elly.

Super Ass Fetish Fanatics


Watch Elly tease and make glorious love to her o-shiri hole at the same time? Yes, please!

*Special FYI: There are many JAV models with their very own signature line of sex toys: Maria Ozawa (of course), Hibiki Otsuki and our very own Elly, too. Usually these are referred to meiki; they are molded and shaped to look like the model’s vagina. Now, guys go absolutely nuts for these. But did you know… in addition to her meiki model, Elly/Yuka also has an anal toy. Yep, this little rascal fits in the palm of your and is perfect for, well, you know…

If that isn’t enough, we’ve got tons more Elly for you inside our member’s area. Come in and gorge yourself on one of these sexiest JAV girls with the most sought-after, fuckable (pardon my french) asses in all of Japan. Grab a spoon and JOIN! 🙂


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