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Published on August 6th, 2013 | by Tanuki


Japanese Babes w/ Booty (Part 3) :: Sugar Baby Shiori-chan!

Welcome to Part 3 of Japanese Babes w/ Booty! Last time, we went in for a generous helping of Double-Scoop Elly and also took a look at the popular, booty-shaped, Japanese sextoy crafted in her honor.


So, have you gotten your fill of gluteus japonica and ready to quit, or are you ready for even more luscious buns from Tokyo? Good, I thought so! This time, it’s my pleasure to introduce you to Shiori-chan — who bears a resemblance to Atsuko Maeda, I might add. Whether oiled up or plain, this CKE18 cutie’s rump is youthful, firm with a tad extra size in the round department. I know you’ll fall in love with Shiori’s whole package!


Practice makes perfect: Shiori-chan orally suckles what appears to be a thick, gigantic, erect …(use your imagination *wink*)

One thing you’ll notice immediately about Shiori-chan is the even tone of her supple skin. With just a slight a kiss of creamy-coffee hue, she stands out, in contrast, amongst the multitude of Japanese girls who embrace (and aspire to achieve) that Snow White look (not that there’s anything wrong with that LOL). My ass/butt fetish friends: what comes to your mind when you see an amply shaped bottom like Shiori-chan’s? To me, her o-shiri (butt) renders the sweet taste of creamy, caramel confections in my mouth …reminiscent of two, life-sized Sugar Babies.


Sweet caramel-ee goodness just within reach. Nom Nom Nom!

 The sugar rush is intoxicating and simply irresistible, but oh-so dangerous. I can envision myself diving headlong into her plump twins with my mouth wide open, like a starving pack of rottweilers, salivating impatiently as the smell of steak teriyaki burgers from Mos Burger float up their snouts. I have, indeed, become a fiend for her incredible backside, unable to comport myself by any means. Do you suffer from Shiori Sugar Babies affliction, too? I know just the place to restore you back to the calm, cool and collected member of bland society you once were. Step inside the CKE18 “2 Cheek” Rehabilitation Program and rid yourself of that sweet, addiction for Japanese ass!


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