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Published on August 23rd, 2013 | by Tanuki


Japanese Girls w/ Big Boobs (Part 2) :: Super Yayoi Land with Tanuki!

Hello again and welcome to the latest installment of Japanese Girls w/ Big Boobs! In Part 1, we got our minds blown by the exotic Tia-chan and her incredible D-Cups. I’m sure plenty of you are still fixating on her delectable juggs, but we must pull our suckling mouths from her nipples and attach ourselves to this week’s lovely pair. Tia needs some rest, fellas. Stop being so greedy LOL!

I’m delighted to present another juicy, voluptuous set of mammaries belonging to a CKE18 bunny who is quite different than Tia: meet Yayoi-chan!


Got Boobs? Busty Japanese babe, Yayoi sporting the famous green thong and teasing us with some incredible cleavage.

Yayoi is a petite package of wondrous curves that will have your package throbbing in excitement. From the moment you lay eyes on her, it becomes clear that she is the “innocent and pure” type: her eyes don’t communicate a sordid tale of sexual experiences. After all, a tender and shy girl of 18 like Yayoi couldn’t possibly have the raunchy prowess of JAV greats like, say, Maria Ozawa or Uta Kohaku, could she? What’s are the chances that’s all deception and she really is a naughty Tanuki in sheep’s clothing?


Yayoi grabbing a big handful of oppai while revving up her “hot spot” with one lucky purple vibrator. Thanks for reminding us what we’re missing out on, Yayoi-chan!

Yayoi is perfect …virtually complete, BUT …if I had to have my way, I’d wish her to have more boobs for me to worship. Ah yes, I can imagine it now — whisking her away to a far off paradise of fluffy-white clouds that always smile. The yellow sun shining down, bathing the likes of vast emerald green pastures and towering palm trees that never seem stop growing. This is a magical place — a place of fabled creatures, hidden realms and the most peculiar of vegetation, known for the mysterious effects on the human body and mind upon consumption.
We shall frolic disrobed …dashing freely through the enchanted thicket, our ankles tickled as we clip the feathered blades of grass, chasing each other excitedly. I keep my eyes sharp for the Red Leaf. Though out of season, the little known fact is that they’re best harvested (for my purposes) once vintaged for several months in the wild. The challenge, of course, is finding one since they’ve been shed across the land for quite some time. Goombas have been known to eat them fresh off the lower-hanging branches of the Tail Tree.

I long to bring Yayoi-chan with me, to my side … to a den of “furriness abandon”, where we shall fornicate an offspring of little raccoons to call our own. Oh, how I pounce at the bright future of my Tanuki wife!


Yayoi in full Tanuki form with some interesting additions to her *ahem* scrumptious physique.

Well, that’s just my own indulgent fantasy of a special CKE18 girl that’s near and dear to my heart. What about your big J-boob fantasy? Do you gravitate towards girls that are tall, blonde, curvy with an almost intimidating aura of beauty (check out Tia), or do you like more of a short, cuddly and kawaii type (Yayoi)? The wonderful thing is that Japanese girls (like all girls) come in so many different shapes and sizes. By now, you might notice that CKE18 is building up a bountiful plethora of cuties to tease us to pieces.

If you’re not already a member, come on in and join the chakuero party scene and see why we aren’t your typical, straight-forward Japanese Adult site! See you inside…


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