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    Published on January 11th, 2014 | by Tanuki


    Japanese Girls w/ Small Boobs (Part 1) :: Maho’s Appetizing A-Cups!

    Boobs! YES! Whether you like your mammaries large and in charge or small and subtle, boobs are divine. First and foremost, they are to be respected, appreciated, and never taken for granted. They can disappear just as easily appear depending on the situation. As long as you remember the two previous sentences, and comport yourself accordingly, the chances of more boobs “presenting” themselves to you may increase exponentially. With that said, let us bring you an account of our latest “presentation” from one of our newest additions to CKE18!


    Maho-chan is one of our newest and cutest models. If you lust for kawaii Japanese girls with a tiny bust line, you’ll absolutely adore her!

    Recently, we were blessed with the occasion of meeting a gorgeous, young Japanese model named Maho. Even though Maho-chan has already starred in a few tease videos, she’s still a fresh chakuero bunny, eager to hop to the next level in her career. Since she’s a relative newbie, many companies have been lighting up her voicemail, all vying for a chance to book a session the 21 year old. As luck would have it, she called us before we could even get a hold of her number. Our minds were so blown and excited by this news, we almost lost our brand new XBOX1 while scrambling to tidy up the studio and prepare for her arrival!


    You see she’s a little shy. Do I detect a tuft of dark fur behind her right hand?

    The instant my eyes met with hers, I began to feel myself well up with guilt. It was if Maho-chan could cut through the veil of pleasantries and peer right into my dirty thoughts. I was undressing her inside my mind. Slowly. One by one, an article of clothing would peel away from her petite body until I could see her creamy-vanilla nakedness radiating before me. It was an uncontrollable impulse that I thought I could keep private inside, but it failed to elude the bright, chipper gaze that Maho-chan seemed to intrinsically have. Despite experiencing the anxiety of my desires having been discovered, I was eased by her slightly curved smile and voice — a voice that began to gently utter bits of English as RatKing began the interview.

    One of the most stunning things about this sexy kitten is how light and creamy her skin appears. From head to toe, it’s as if she were delicately painted to match the purity of the heavenly angels themselves. Unblemished and as close to flawlessness as one could get. The youthful daintiness of Uri-chan instantly came to mind as I explored Maho-chan’s wrists, cheeks and smooth legs. The flavor of toasted vanilla danced across my taste buds, intoxicating me, while I sat pretending to take notes and transcribe their conversation. All I wanted to do was run my …! Hmmm, wait a second, I should probably keep the rest to myself. 🙂


    What I saw: Do you undress Japanese girls with your eyes, too? Come check out the exclusive video which recaptures my naughty vision of Maho-chan!

     Watch Maho-chan’s Tease Video “Fantasy Lover”

    Anyway, after RatKing concluded the interview, he quickly handed me a dossier containing a new assignment which would take me out of time for the next four days. Darn it! Duty calls, right? I realize now, he was just trying to sneak in some “alone time” with Maho-chan and didn’t want any competition from Tanuki.

    maho-promo-small-boobs-03When I returned, I found that the CKE18 crew had gotten right down to business and took some incredible footage of their new model. A special movie file along with a photo gallery of Maho-chan was left on my desk in a flash drive. As I sat and perused the chakuero clip “Fantasy Lover”, Maho treated me to her entire body (including areas I never thought I’d see up close). It is our sincere hope that you will enjoy Maho-chan just as much as you would any other CKE18 girl! 🙂

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