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Published on August 15th, 2013 | by Tanuki


Japanese Girls w/ Big Boobs (Part 1) :: Tia’s Vitamin D-Cups!

The age-old question: What kind of guy are you? Are you an ass-man, an eyes-man, a foot-man? A boob-man maybe? Whatever kind of body-part-man you may happen to be, we at CKE18 totally appreciate your special tastes and (hopefully) can accommodate our fans with the most gorgeous Japanese girls you’ll ever lay eyes upon. If you are a boob-man, then today is your day Mr. Boob-man, sir!


The best of both worlds: CKE18’s Half-Japanese babe Tia-chan is blonde, full-chested, milky skinned and simply breathtaking!

Tia isn’t like the other CKE18 babes. Voted Tanuki’s #1 person to be stranded on a tropical island with, Tia could easily be described as quite “exotic”. She’s tall and very well built: stacked like an Amazonian princess from one of Frank Frazetta‘s epic paintings! Behold two of his selected works depicting women of intimidating presence, stature and unwavering courage!


Tia-chan has an irresistible, buxom and exotic physique; not unlike the female warrior featured in this classic fantasy painting by Frank Frazetta!

I can see her now, locked in a suggestive pose against the gnarly overgrowth of a hot, sweltering jungle, two battle-cat panthers by her side. She’s scantily clad in frayed, muddy-brown cloth giving her plenty of freedom to move, plus the added bonus of strategic rips to accentuate generous amounts of sexy cleavage. Gotta keep cool in the jungle, right? She’s a fierce woman to be reckoned with, so you’d best watch yourself in her presence. Yum!


She emerges from the shadows of the murky jungle, appearing as a voluptuous siren of carnal pleasure. Another phenomenal painting from the great Frank Frazetta!

On the topic of cleavage and Tia’s BOOBS, do you remember those old television commercials: Milk. It does a body good! It goes back a ways, but during the late-80’s and early-90’s, there was a big push to get kids to put down the soda (just like today) and pick up a glass (or carton) of good ol’ fashioned milk! On one commercial, I distinctly remember a red-headed kid saying, …but I’m more interested in having fun! That’s what makes milk so neat: you can drink a lot of it and it tastes cool. So it can be a real pick-me-up!”

Now, I’m assuming I was one of many kids that didn’t go dashing to the fridge to glug some fresh milk just for the fun of it. For me, milk would usually accompany school lunches and, of course, desserts like fresh-out-the-oven homemade chocolate chip cookies. What was your favorite food or dessert to serve with milk?

tia-d-cups-02There was a also my secret boyhood fantasy where I’d envision the girl I most lusted after (at the time it was Alyssa Milano). The thought of delicious, nurturing milk filling a pint glass or arcing in a spout from its natural source (boobs) into your mouth made my palate crave nourishment. I get that rush of excitement from Tia and I hope you do, too.

tia-d-cups-01The fantasy doesn’t have to stop there. Inside our member’s area, you can experience even more of Tia-chan. Prepare to be teased and pleased like never before: Japanese chakuero style, that is! Run to her bare chest like baby returning to his mother’s nipple to feed. Let the epic milk from Tia’s Vitamin D-cups fill your hungry gullet and spill down your chin.


Frank Frazetta Images Source: Yahoo! Picture Search

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