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Junior High Students Say F.U. to Japan’s Population Decline!

An interesting photo (via Twitter) has been stirring up all kinds of reactions since making its way to the almighty interwebz just a few days ago. Capturing a perfect kodak moment, the photo features sixteen Junior High students locking lips in joyous celebration of their graduation. So what’s the problem with a group of innocent students hamming it up with a closed-mouth peck on the lips?

Love is in the air! Keeeeeeeeeeeyah! Take that, mortality rate!

Having been a youngin’ myself (thousands of years ago it seems), I’d credit this behavior to the impulsive follies of youth, let out a sigh of nostalgia, chuckle, then carry on with my usual private investigations. When I look at this photo I wonder if there’s something deeper that could be interpreted. More on that later…

There Goes The Neighborhood

Firing lane: A barrage of incendiary comments and reactions.

On the flip-side, however, there are many who found the image a hard pill to swallow, condemning the act as unforgivable: 「絶対に許さない」. One particularly enraged commenter demanded castration for all: 「全員去勢で 」 Ouch …bit harsh there, my friend (are you trolling?). They have an old saying in Japan: “The nail that sticks up gets hammered down”. Could these angry sentiments and backlash towards the students be indicative of that proverb ringing true? (comment source Japanese)

The Decline of Eastern Civilization?

Apparently these young adults are setting themselves apart from a growing wave of Japanese that show no interest in gettin’ down for some old-fashioned nookie. No nookie = no chance at babies :-/.  While calling for a swift neutering could’ve been a knee-jerk response, I feel compelled to gently remind the doomsayers of their declining population, decrease in birthrates and increase in senior citizens.

I call attention to some astonishing findings compiled from a survey conducted in 2008 by Japan Family Planning Association:

” … 36.1 percent of Japanese males between the ages of 16-19 said they had no interest or even despised sex, a jump from 17.5 percent in the 2008 study. Compounding the issue was data that showed 59 percent of girls in the same age group felt the same way, up 12 percentage points from 2008.” (source)

So, in one sense, these smoochy students could be seen as proudly pushing their nails out, shouting an “F.U.” at the conservative norms around them (just like good little combative teens). What say you, readers: could these kids be sparking a love revolution?

*Population Graph Source: Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Statistics Bureau, Census, NIPSSR(2006), Population Projection for Japan:2006-2055

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