Kancho Game :: You Chose Machiko-chan!

    Juicy peaches indeed! The mirage begins to fade and the creamy buttocks of Machiko-chan invite you to take a dive. The warm sun twinkles off a few beads of perspiration resting on the fleshy crescent-like curve of her cheeks. The starry flash drips along her contours, signals you to make haste. Dashing for the button-hole between the luscious peaches you execute a perfect, text-book style Kancho!

    You Did It!

    Congrats! You’ve either been blessed with beginner’s luck or you’re a natural Kancho practitioner destined to be a master someday! In either case, many great challenges (sexy Japanese teen babes) await you inside CKE18. Can you you withstand the most extreme, sensual and sexy chakuero teases ever filmed?

    Bonus Video & Picture Gallery

    Such display of skill is to be rewarded, so we have crafted a special video and picture gallery of 18 year old Machiko-chan for your pleasure. Shot outside in the peak of Japanese summertime, watch Machiko slowly make herself more comfortable by slipping out of her flowery dress and revealing her innocent body to nature. Also notice the creative strip of beads that, just barely, covers her young womanhood from hungry eyes. Enjoy!

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