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I Love To Scare Prank My Japanese Wife :: KineticGTR and Kanako!

Since Halloween is just around the corner, I thought I’d take a detour back to some spooky-themed posts. There’s something about this time of year — October especially — that puts me in the mood to be a little more naughty, stay up later, eat more sweets, watch plenty of J-Horror flicks and, of course, overdose on Japanese girls.


The trap is set: Kanako sits down to watch (what she thinks) is a trailer for The Avengers 2, but little does she know she’s about to have the panties scared off of her. Hats off to KineticGTR for the entertaining prank!

In the spirit of all mischievous otakus out there, KineticGTR of youtube played a classic scare prank involving his computer, a little deception and the prankee: his meccha kawaii Japanese wife, Kanako-chan! Watch his video to find out what happens when he tricks Kanako into thinking she’s watching the upcoming Avengers 2 trailer when, in fact, it’s for the psych-horror game Outlast. Kanako, you’re such a good sport! As for Kinetic, I’m sure he got a swift punch in the you-know-what later on that night. LOL!

These two have such great chemistry together: whether they’re competing against one another or on the same team, the magic is there! It’s always pretty entertaining to see Kinetic get an ass whoopin’ from Kanako whenever they play Tekken. She seems to lure him into a false sense of security, then she strikes.

Though I love his helpful and entertaining gaming content, I have a sweet spot for his IRL-themed vlogs that focus on Japan and otaku culture. Check out the following recent video of the aforementioned devious prank. If you love Japanese culture and gaming, you really ought to check out his videos and live-streams. Kinetic-san lives in Japan and is a full-time vlogger, producing videos every week.

I think playing the prankster is ingrained a little bit more in some of us than it is in others. From one past experience, a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, I got a huge rise out of torturing my ex with imagery of sadistic clowns. Any imagery relating to Pennywise from Stephen King’s It would send her into hysterics.


Penny for your thoughts: You’re not really afraid of clowns are you?

One day I stumbled upon a big wooden trunk in her room that was buried under a pile of clothes. I said, “Ooooh, what’s in this big trunk?”. Out of the blue she became very nervous and asked me to not open it. Of course, that’s like waving a basket of candy in front of a child so I became even more curious as to the trunk’s contents. I began to open it slowly. After pleading with me to the point of tears, it was crystal clear that she was terrified, so I postponed my quest to get into her box :-).

Later on that night, she confessed to me that there was a clown mask laying at the bottom of the trunk. I can’t remember her reason as to why it was there but, suffice it to say, she was so petrified of the thing, she couldn’t even muster the strength to remove it. It was like that corner of the room was marked as a forbidden zone. She wouldn’t dare go near or look at the trunk. Needless to say, the topic of the mysterious trunk would come up from time to time if I was feeling extra sassy.

I guess that’s the kind of sadistic humor in scaring the daylights out of someone: we derive some kind of pleasure from one’s brush with sheer terror. Although the prankee was never in any real danger — they don’t know that though — we can ROFL ourselves at their misfortune. With that said, here’s a hilarious Japanese prank compilation I’m sure you all will love. I’m all worked up from Kinetic’s vid!

So then, do you guys have any scary, spooky, creepy, jump-out-of-your-seat type pranks you like to play this time of year? Stay spooky minna-san!


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