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Published on January 18th, 2013 | by Tanuki


Learn the Kancho at CKE18 :: Test Your Skills!

What is Kancho (カンチョー)?

In Japan, Kancho can be best described as an immature prank involving person A’s index fingers being launched, straight-up, into person B’s unsuspecting bunghole. Note that the act of Kancho is commonly performed while everyone is clothed, not nude.

You do it like THIS!!!

Starting early in life, this tomfoolery is often seen being doled out by overzealous grade-school kids. Accompanied with the obligatory braying of “kan-CHO!”, the fingers burrow into the others anus like a bolt of lightening. With the joke’s success, laughter and embarrassment ensues. ^__^

The Setup!

To start, Person A joins her hands together, interlocking all but the index fingers; those are reserved for pointing straight out: like Tanuki’s snout, catching an olfactory buzz off the natural scents emanating from CKE18’s teen Idols! … … …Ahem, to get a better idea of what position your hands should be in, you might imagine holding an imaginary pistol. From there, person A finds her target (person B), and then must use the tactful element of surprise to pull off the glorious Kancho. Upon succeeding, person A should feel person B’s buttocks tighten up firmly around her snout fingers and a shrill sound escape his mouth as he flees.

Are You Ready?

When you’re out there in the real world, things can get tricky; they’re not always what they seem. To be a Kancho wizard, you must  keep your wits sharp like a ninja, be aware of your surroundings, not strike at the wrong time, lest you be caught and branded a fool. Baka! Venture forth, my fledgling pranksters and try this Kancho quiz: your first hurdle before advancing to the next level.

 CKE18 J-Bunny Kancho Beginner Mini-Game
sexy japanese ass kancho Ryouko-chan? kancho japanese girlsMachiko-chan? kancho japanese girlsUri-chan?

Our lovely CKE18 Idols have volunteered their willing o-shiri(s) to participate in this exercise. Directions: CLICK on the cross-hairs above of your choosing to kancho these J-bunnies. But beware! There are hidden traps to catch you off guard, so LOOK CLOSELY and CHOOSE WISELY! Ganbatte!

extreme japanese amateur teen girlsCKE18 :: Extreme Japanese Teen Tease

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