Let’s Welcome Minori to CKE18! Short, Shaved, Sweet Candy, cute Japanese Teen!

We love a short and cute Japanese teen and that’s good because that describes so many girls in Tokyo!  It almost makes it too easy to find new, willing girls to shoot for CKE18 wwww.  Minori is our latest sweets candy princess and now that we have some of her videos and photos edited and live on the site, it’s time to CELEBRATE and ParTay! \(^o^)/


Minori was hanging out in Shibuya with some of her friends when we ran in to her.  They were all wearing schoolgirl outfits, but they weren’t official ones since Minori and her friends had already graduated high school.  This is a popular thing for girls to do though, it’s sort of like wearing your high school jacket after graduating.  Japanese girls miss dressing up and having fun while matching.


For amateurs it’s difficult to tell between high school girls and ones that have graduated, so be careful!  We’ll have to write a blog about how to tell in the future, but for now let’s get on to Minori’s video screencaps!  These are from our first video, inspired from our Shibuya meet!  Please enjoy!!! ^O^

01-minori-white-socks 02-minori-rail-touch 03-minori-japanese-breeze 04-minori-fan-service 05-minori-curious-girl 06-minori-schoolgirl-squat 07-minori-japanese-beauty 08-minori-panty-show 09-minori-nature-girl 10-minori-sees-you 11-minori-cotton-socks 12-minori-japanese-lonely 13-minori-short-cute 14-minori-eye-reflection 15-minori-skirt-lift 16-minori-tender-legs

Hey Visitor! We are totally addicted to shooting girls like Minori. If you support us by joining CKE18, we can find many, many more! Please consider that ^_^

extreme-japanese-teaseCKE18 :: Short Sweeties, Wild on Video!

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