Let’s Welcome Shiori to CKE18 With High Rez Video Screencaps!

    Konnichiwa everyone!  It’s time to celebrate our newest Japanese cutie girl at CKE18, Shiori chan!


    Shiori is from Yamagata Prefecture and moved to Tokyo after high school to try her best to become a famous Idol.  Because she looks a lot like Atsuko Maeda, Shiori found it very difficult to compete!  One of Shiori’s advantages though is she is willing to try anything at least once and she is never afraid to hurt her image.  That made our shoot together extremely exciting for both of us!

    Shiori has many good points… from her beautiful eyes to her adoring personality, but maybe my favorite was her bubble butt!  I was ready to shoot with her from the moment she showed her bouncy oshiri in our interview and after only two videos, I was diving in!  Enjoy these high rez screencaps from the uncompressed video footage of “Oiled Up Oshiri.”  They make great desktop wallpapers!

    shiori-oil-booty-01 shiori-oil-booty-02 shiori-oil-booty-03 shiori-oil-booty-04 shiori-oil-booty-05 shiori-oil-booty-06 shiori-oil-booty-07 shiori-oil-booty-08 shiori-oil-booty-09 shiori-oil-booty-10 shiori-oil-booty-11 shiori-oil-booty-12 shiori-oil-booty-13 shiori-oil-booty-14

    In the next few months we have a lot of great videos and photos coming out with Shiori so be sure to check those out!  Leave some messages too, as a Director I love reading your feedback and considering new ideas!  Ganbarou!

    extreme-japanese-teaseCKE18 :: Hands On Booty Oil Rubbing!

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