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Published on September 27th, 2013 | by Tanuki


Long Hair Fetish :: Sexy or Just Plain Creepy?

Do you get that warm fuzzy feeling inside or feel the icy breath of death breathing upon your neck? Some may instantly swoon and want to dive naked right into those shiny raven locks and swim like a dolphin while others try to fight off a mean wave of nausea as those ominous follicles resemble something quite terrifying. You may say, “What’s so scary about hair?” We’ll get into that soon enough, my friend.

asian long hair fetish

Draped im silky black: A Vietnamese model from VNLongair.

It may sound silly, but apparently there are phobias far more absurd than these black manes that seem to go on forever. I’m reminded of the Maury Povich Show and how every once in a while he’d feature guests with weird phobias. If you’re unfamiliar, here’s a quick clip featuring two girls: one who’s afraid of MUSTARD; the other, PICKLES. Do you think those phobias are for real or are they far-fetched sensational filler? There’s nothing more depressing than a girl with a fear of pickles (*wink*)!

Back to those lustrous locks of sheer ebony! Apparently, if you ask Japanese people or anyone familiar with contemporary J-Horror (Japanese Horror Films, duh) their impression of these photos, you may see them hauling ass for the hills. Why is that?

long hair fetish sadako

Got a long hair fetish? This is the site that’s right up your alley.

If you know Sadako from the Ringu series, then the image of any skinny woman with astoundingly long black hair shrouding her face like an executioner’s mask should, at the very least, flirt with your fight-or-flight response. An article from Byoukan Sunday seems to confirm the unintended connection Japanese people make when seeing the photos of these Vietnamese beauties:



Source: Byoukan Sunday (Japanese)

After all, Ringu (1998) is the highest grossing horror film in Japan to date and according to Oricon’s survey, it’s considered the most frightening movie in Japan as well. I’m imagining there’s no shortage of pranks played in Japan involving the film’s antagonist.

You’ll never look at your television set the same again! The above clip is a scene from Ringu (1998) where Sadako does her creepy crawl all over Ryûji’s (Hiroyuki Sanada) face. Spooky! I highly recommend this series—the original Japanese series, of course—as an intro to Japanese horror.

If Asian girls—Vietnamese girls in this case—with super long hair like Sadako (but much healthier looking) tickle your fancy, check them silky girlies at VNLonghair! These ladies have definitely achieved a goal that’s obviously taken a lot of patience, preening and the utmost care.

As for me, I love raven-haired girls, but even more so, I love Japanese girls with blonde hair. Mmmmm, tasty!

blonde japanese girl tia

How could any sane man resist a creamy-blonde J-bunny like Tia? Maybe Sadako got them first…


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