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    Published on March 23rd, 2014 | by Tanuki


    Marshmallow Girl, Tomiko-chan’s H-Cups Win The Internet!

    A marvelous set of big boobs and luscious cleavage, peeking through a sassy crocheted top! It’s not a view that we typically see–being guys and all–when we look down upon our chests. If you’re like me and enjoy whatever angle boobs–female boobs, not man-boobs–may present themselves from, then check this out. It’s not what you think… but it is what you think *wink*!


    Best seat in the house: Tomiko’s very own H-cups got some extra love with over 18,000 retweets.

    Tomiko Kageyama, a cute and VERY busty multitalented Japanese cosplay babe, recently added a–*ahem*handful of POV chest selfies to her Twitter account, that, would you believe, ended up getting over 9,000 retweets! Actually, this one photo in particular (featured above) received over twice that amount. So yeah, boobs are definitely still winning the internet, next to silly cat videos and those epic vine compilations. As long as the two latter never grab top spot, my vision of hell on earth is a far cry from reality. Back to boobs!


    Marshmallow girls are the best: Tomiko-chan cosplaying and showing some copious cleavage to boot!


    Nothing like looking down to see a face between your tits. A sure sign of “booby approval” if you ask me.

    Interestingly, Tomiko-chan, as far as her curvaceous physique is concerned, is considered a “marshmallow girl”. Sounds tasty, right? In Japan, the term “marshmallow girl” is another way to refer to young ladies that fall into the plus-size category. In a country that has one of the lowest BMIs (Body Mass Index) in the world, a heavy person in Japan may not fit what is deemed a heavy person in another country. Does Tomiko-chan look chubby to you? In my opinion, I think both skinny and marshmallow girls are attractive. Certainly, weight doesn’t necessarily determine bust size, but Tomiko’s pillowy H-cups compliment her marshmallow figure quite nicely. Mmmmmm!

    And lastly, Tomiko-chan leaves us with an erotic photo of what appears to be some marshmallow “motor-boatin'” going on. I’m not ashamed to admit I’m a little jealous. This is an activity I should really trying to do more of now that we’re almost ready for springtime, and cleavage begins coming out of winter hibernation.
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    1. Rat King says:

      She doesn’t look fat to me, but those GINORMOUS pillows must be doubling her weight! O.o I wish I had a motor boat *^^*

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