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Published on February 2nd, 2014 | by Tanuki


New Trailer Emerges for Shinji Mikami’s The Evil Within :: Plot Thickens!

Last October we caught a glimpse at the very first teaser trailer for Shinji Mikami’s The Evil Within; and how sweet it was. Well, “sweet” probably isn’t the best-fitting adjective for this one. “Bloody-effin’-brutal” would be closer to the bullseye, I think you’d agree. After all, this is survival horror, and there are few that would argue Mikami-san’s ability to not only make the upcoming game a hit, but to also take the genre back to its roots of story-driven terror.

In the latest trailer for TEW, we get just a tiny bit more of what lies in waiting for the story’s main protagonist, Sebastian Castellanos. Though little is revealed, the video doesn’t fail to raise many questions about the plot and its grizzly foes. In our previous post, we looked at the Butcher, a hulking, bloodthirsty aggressor who chases you non-stop throughout the mysterious building, which appears to be one of the game’s prominent environments. This time, we meet a shadowy figure adorned in a sanguine-splattered, white cloak. He possesses superhuman speed, reminiscent to that of Corvo’s from Dishonored, that he uses to quickly execute whomever he wishes. This strange figure also seems to have heightened awareness, allowing him to sense (and locate) anyone that may be watching him. Even though the evidence is sparse, the trailer would lead us to believe this man plays a very important role in the story’s progression.


Mister X: If you thought the Butcher was bad with his stalking, this dude can just appear out of thin air and mess your day up before you can even blink. Ouch!

Did you catch that? In the trailer, just after Sebastian gets knocked unconscious by our teleporting friend, it sounds like he says, “Mozruvik (note: unsure of spelling), it was him!”. Is Mikami-san revealing to us that our protagonist already knows this cloaked man? The Japanese subtitles do not reveal the full katakana spelling of the name spoken, but Sebastian’s voice seems to utter, mawz-roo-vick. My mind is brimming with excitement over getting to know the truth behind this vicious killer. I anxiously await the release of this game later this year. Will you be playing it and what are your thoughts on Mikami-san’s goal for TEW?

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