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Published on March 29th, 2014 | by Tanuki


Ninja Fail :: New TMNT Trailer, Shrek & Goomba Family Relation?

Several weeks ago, we had a look at the latest and alleged Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles character design for the upcoming reboot due this summer. Met with heavy criticism, die-hard fans of the franchise had expressed a wide spectrum of amped up feelings–mostly negative–via the comments section of the TMNT community site (and beyond). Since then, us turtle-heads have waited anxiously, passing the time in whatever nostalgic, mutant fashion we see fit. As for me, I’ve been improving my ninja dynamism of eating pizza and twirling nunchaku at the same time. But enough about me…

The new TMNT trailer has finally hit! While the roughly 90-seconds of footage doesn’t give away too much, there’s plenty of action, explosions and the long-awaited look at our green heroes to give us a taste of whats in store. At first glance, this film definitely has a darker, more mature atmosphere to what we’re used to seeing in the series. It isn’t quite as drastic as Tim Burton’s reimagining of Batman (1989) from the original 1960’s series, but we’re in the same ballpark here. That said, it would seem that the movie is aimed at an older audience—perhaps the very same audience that grew up watching the animated series of the late eighties.

Family tree? The new TMNT face design has been compared to, by some, a cross between Goomba and Shrek. Memes such as this one have been making the rounds since. (image: via IMGUR)

Back to the revamped head and face design of the dudes. As you can see, there actually are some similarities between the leaked photo from before and what we have now. And just like a couple months ago, there are still some hilarious observations about the mutant physiology. Chris Hooton’s comment was the best, comparing the vomit-green, lumpy heads to “a testicle that has been living down a storm drain for 300 years.”. There also seems to be a consensus that Shrek, and Goomba–from the Super Mario Bros. (1993) movie–might be related to the turtles. I dunno, they might have a case. I mean, look at the nose on Michelangelo and Shrek.

In other news, Megan Fox is still hot, but maybe not as hot as pornographic actress April O’Neil cosplaying as… April O’Neil! What do you guys think? Yay or nay? Coincidentally, she’s actually fan of the series too.

American pornstar April O’Neil cosplaying as *scratching head* uhhhhhm…

Or maybe this other photo of April O’Neil posing atop a Delorean? Hmmm?

The movie is still just under six months from release, so additional clips are bound to pop up during the interim. So then, to ponder a bit more, what tricks might director Jonathan Liebesman and producer Michael Bay have up their sleeves? Well, for example, we still haven’t gotten a good look at Shredder, the Foot Clan, or Master Splinter. It wouldn’t be the same without them, so I’m confident they’ll be there. But will their looks be as “evolved”, to put it nicely, as the main protagonists’? Granted, laying all your cards on the table from the start can wind up biting you in the ass later on, so I think this trailer played it safe, leaving us wanting to see more.

Whether you like the looks of the new turtles or not, storyline will be the biggest factor on the movie’s success. Bonus points will be accrued through awesome fights, Megan Fox’s cleavage, CGI, and gratuitous screen time of gooey pepperoni pizza and dude-speak. They’ve got their work cut out for them, especially if they want to top the likes of this live TMNT live show back in 1990! Rock On, Dudes!


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2 Responses to Ninja Fail :: New TMNT Trailer, Shrek & Goomba Family Relation?

  1. Rat King says:

    If I had directed this movie, I would have made a retro 80’s film. The world is a scary place right now. Instead of bringing this reality into the theater, perhaps a comical escape would be more enjoyable.

    Hey, who knows though! Maybe the turtles in the trailer are just wearing costumes! After scaring everyone in the opening scene, they pull their masks off and it’s our lovable Jim Henson turtles underneath! …yeah right!

    One thing is certain… that April O’Neil can take a ride in the TARDIS with me any day of the week! You missed that obvious observation Tanuki kun! Distracted by boobage! Very disappointed!

    12pm in Tokyo… I think that means it’s PIZZA TIME DUDE! Let’s go!

  2. Rat King says:

    Hey Tanuki kun,
    If you love that concert song, you’ve got to check out this intro video! Konami 1991 was very much still the 80’s and they were kicking some serious shell! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bvr8T-sutfA

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