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Published on June 23rd, 2013 | by Tanuki


Ninja Fail :: Teacher Caught for Installing Peep Cam in Girls’ Bathroom!


The dark side of mini-cams: Do you know who’s watching you?

Here’s one Ninja that definitely flunked out of Kouga Clan University! This week, a pretty creep-a-rific story appeared on JapanToday about a teacher from Shiga Prefecture who’s compact camera was found attached to a toilet in the girls’ bathroom. Apparently a 5th-grader (female student, of course) noticed the stealthy gadget and alerted the necessary school officials. Good on you, sharp-eyed-student! As for the naughty teacher, he fully confessed to his devious crime once administration stepped in to investigate.

I find his excuse rather strange, to put it lightly. What do you guys think?

The teacher is quoted stating, “It was the first time I’d used the camera and I just wanted to test out the equipment. I’d like to apologize to all the students who have been distressed by the incident.”

LOL *gasp*! What was this guy thinking? There couldn’t have been a better way to break in his new little toy? How about his own toilet instead? The teacher and his excuse seem full of unko (crap), if you catch my drift. Is there more at work here than meets the eye; deeper issues, perhaps?

What’s more, the word around town is that this very same teacher took a 9-month hiatus last year due to a mental breakdown (reason(s) undisclosed). Whatever gnarly demons that ought to have been exorcised during his leave have clearly persisted to the present day. With the school’s reputation at stake, they are now “working as hard as possible to restore everyone’s trust in the education system.”

As to be expected, this story has sparked quite a bit of outrage and deep concern amongst JapanToday’s readership with comments ranging from talk of capital punishment for the teacher to nation-wide mental health reform. What say you, my friends? Please feel free to comment here.

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