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Published on July 4th, 2013 | by Tanuki


Ninja Fail :: Peeping Tom’s Sewer Drain Hideout Discovered!

This week, we have another Kouga Clan University flunky! Another wannabe ninja slips up while in stealth mode, this time while inside a drainage sewer. Ninja? Sewer? Ah ha! You have no idea how bad I’d love to crack a TMNT  or  Shawshank Redemption joke right now, but I’ll spare you of my epic corniness thus showing some restraint (this time, anyway muahahaha).

The Best Seat in the House?


Hirai slithered his way through a 35cm (across) x 50cm (deep) sewer drain to get a gander up young women’s skirts …until his eyes were seen popping out of his head by a female passerby.

Kobe, Japan — Yasuomi Hirai, the 26-year old knucklehead ninja, was taken into custody by Hyogo police after his “secret spot” was discovered by one sharp-eyed female pedestrian. The pervy highlight of this story that sticks out like a creepy chikan erection, is that Hirai was using the subterranean hideaway to peek up girl’s skirts through a metal grating. Of course he was! Like, what else would he be doing down there? And what’s more: there’s a woman’s university in the vicinity which makes his horndog motives even more transparent. Front row seat to Pantyville, anyone? I know a guy in Kobe who’s got a ticket.

A Panty Peekin’ We Shall Go …No More

Though Hirai was not initially busted in-the-act by police, he did make it easy for them to narrow him down as the prime suspect. As it just so happens, months prior, Hirai had been previously questioned for acting shady near the same location of his peeping hideout — no doubt while on one of his tactless recon missions. Big surprise, right? He is also reported to have claimed spying on unsuspecting girls from his hiding spot on several occasions.

Source and Image: Sankei News (Japanese)

*Special kudos to the illustrator(s) responsible for the hilarious dramatization of Hirai ogling from below.

“In Deep Shit” (Bonus Story)

Japan isn’t the only home to ninja fails. Check out this story on a perverted American man who literally swam in feces to get a raunchy peek! 


Is there anything worth trudging through shit for (unless your Andy Dufresne, of course *wink wink*)

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