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Published on January 25th, 2014 | by Tanuki


Ninja Fail :: WTF is with the New TMNT Character Design?

As of late, info about the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles seems to be flying out the oven like stacks of hot, deep dish pepperoni pizza. Did you bring your appetite with you today? The most recent tasty slice of breaking news on our green heroes pertains to the upcoming Michael Bay-produced TMNT reboot (dir. Jonathan Liebesman), slated for release around August of this year (2014). In the spotlight is the turtle character design, which has some fans cringing and wondering if it’s a hoax (myself included), or if they’re being trolled by the film’s art department. Up until now, details on what the mutants will look like have been heavily guarded… by the deadliest of the deadly foot clan crew, no less.

Cowabunga, Duuuuu… WTF!?!?! Is this what will be crawling out of the sewer and onto the big screen later this year? (image: linked via OnionStatic.com)

The leaked photo (above) depicting a crude looking Michelangelo with snazzy shades, a tattoo and blingy necklace, seems to hint what we might see when the film hits. What’s the back story and how did it surface, you ask? Interestingly, this photo appeared albeit briefly on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles authority site before it was ordered removed by Viacom (Paramount Studios), which may suggest, the site’s admins feel, acts as a strong indication that the representation of the new turtles is valid. Wow!

Perusing the comment section of the article on the TMNT site, you’ll see that quite a few diehard fans are up in arms about the supposed new look. As to be expected, much arguing over faithfulness to original design versus embracing an up-to-date, contemporary look are aplenty.


I love top comments. They make me LOL! (image source: TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles.com)

While I definitely lean towards that of the older look (maybe because I am old), you’ll hear no argument from me over Michael Bay welcoming back Megan Fox as April O’Neil. Love her or hate her, I’ve always had a mini-crush going for her since she bimbo’d her way across the screen in “Two and a Half Men”!

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3 Responses to Ninja Fail :: WTF is with the New TMNT Character Design?

  1. Rat King says:

    Hilarious ending comment about Megan Fox there Tanuki San! She’ll stay okay in my book if she avoids too much plastic surgery.

    When it comes to TMNT, all I care is that the franchise continues to entertain kids. If the kids like it then that’s fine with me! I have to say though, that mask is pretty ridiculous.

    I’m also not entirely sure what’s tied around his waist. Is that a sweatshirt or a condom for a “scientifically accurate ninja turtle?” O.o

  2. Alex says:

    you realize, that the onion is a satirical fake news site ?

  3. Tanuki says:

    Hi, Alex!
    Thanks for the comment. You don’t say. So this means that everything I’ve read at The Onion has been a tongue-in-cheek fabrication of the truth??? Inconceivable! Hehehe *wink*

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