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Published on April 27th, 2014 | by Tanuki


Ninja Win :: Meet The Chinese Bra Fetish King!


“Some people collect baseball cards, bottle caps, stamps. I collect titty slings for a living.” –some pervy Chinese dude

Can’t say I was too shocked to read about this one. In previous blog posts, we’ve looked at such fetishes as burusera, creative methods of up-skirt peeping, eye-ball licking, and, perhaps the most strange of the bunch, bicycle seat collecting. The latter concerns deriving sexual arousal from whiffing the aroma left after frequent use (aka sniffing fetish).

In many circumstances, the fetishist(s) must put themselves in precarious situations to satiate their lusty cravings. This, of course, is the most entertaining of all because, when things go wrong, and they get caught, hilarity ensues. I tend to refer to such “attempted” feats of pervy behavior as Ninja Fails. We all love a good laugh at some creep’s botched attempt to get his rocks off, right?

Snagging bikini tops from CKE18 girls is as easy as 1-2-3! Just reach out and grab some booby TODAY! ^__^

On the other end of the spectrum are the Ninja Wins, which obviously, are reserved to those individuals who have succeeded, and achieved a high level of naughty stealth. Take fore example, this director who uses popular gadgets to beguile the Japanese schoolgirl. This is not to say that I condone all such acts of deviousness–especially the Ninja Fails, most of which can be considered criminal. However, in the case of Ninja Wins, we neither see that line of the law get crossed, nor malicious intent ever present. These are the smart, witty Ninjas that have a girl-crazy edge to them! *wink*

Ninja Win: Gotta Catch ‘Em All! The Bra Fetish King!

bra collection museum

20 years dedication to boobies: The one room that crushes Victoria’s Secret overstock warehouse.

Today’s Ninja Win comes to us from China, where a man has been amassing a serious collection of lingerie over the past 20 years. Brasiers to be exact. Some might call this man the bra fetish king! This would place the start of the epic bra fetish stockpiling back in 1994. How he came to acquire so many bras is the most intriguing part. It’s from young college girls that he’s said to have collected over 5,000 of silky hooter harnesses! But HOW DID HE DO IT? This is the nagging mystery that seems to never be revealed. The Nerds of Lambda Lambda Lambda would be so impressed!

Two decades is a long time to be dedicated to anything, so it goes to show that, for this man, bras do have kryptonite-like powers to keep you hooked (for life?). What’s more, the unnamed fetishist has plans to turn his incredible collection–which can be seen draped from all four walls and ceiling of his special bra room–into a museum. When you suspect the media will out your ecchi cache, branding you a world-class perv in the eyes of the masses, just claim you collect in the name of historic and fashion preservation!

My one bit of advice for the bra Ninja is this: before you open your museum to the public, you might want to protect your impressive array of brasiers behind some glass, and keep plenty of Windex on hand. It could get pretty messy once others of similar interests get a full-fledged gander at the goods. Another thing I wonder: would any of those college girls over the past 20 years be willing to pay a visit to the shrine that she’s become part of? On second thought, they’d probably want to stay far away as possible from a place like that.
Story and Images: Source via RocketNews24

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